Monthly Archives: November 2016

How to Get Snapchat Working

#How to get your Snapchat working in MEmu App Player?# There is compatibility issue with Snapchat in MEmu Android 4.2. So please try with MEmu Android 4.4. In addition, please download… Read more »

How to Solve No Internet Access

If you cannot access internet in MEmu App Player, please try to narrow down: Check whether your computer can access internet. For example, open a website with Browser in Windows. Check… Read more »


MEmu Android 4.4 RC3 is Released!

The 3rd MEmu Android 4.4 release candidate (RC3) is released! >> Work with MEmu 2.9.1 << Compared to RC2, this version replace specific library with unified library, which will significantly improve… Read more »


MEmu 2.9.1 is Released!

EDIT (2018-03-16): Android 5.1 is officially available in MEmu 5, please get it from official website! Please visit to download the latest MEmu 2.9.1 MD5 is f2740493d0c1b00b32b98819b4058810. Release Notes for 2.9.1 (Android 4.2… Read more »

How to Update Graphic Driver

Download 3DP Chip tool Install&Run 3DP tool, which will show all drivers Click video card to the download page, then click Driver download to get download link. Select the a… Read more »