Monthly Archives: November 2016

How to Get Snapchat Working

#How to get your Snapchat working in MEmu App Player?# There is compatibility issue with Snapchat in MEmu Android 4.2. So please try with MEmu Android 4.4. In addition, please download… Read more »

How to Solve No Internet Access

If you cannot access internet in MEmu App Player, please try to narrow down: Check whether your computer can access internet. For example, open a website with Browser in Windows. Check… Read more »


MEmu Android 4.4 RC3 is Released!

The 3rd MEmu Android 4.4 release candidate (RC3) is released! >> Work with MEmu 2.9.1 << Compared to RC2, this version replace specific library with unified library, which will significantly improve… Read more »


MEmu 2.9.1 is Released!

Please visit to download the latest MEmu 2.9.1 [Google Drive] MD5 is f2740493d0c1b00b32b98819b4058810. Release Notes for 2.9.1 (Android 4.2 as default): Support Android 4.2/4.4/5.1 with all-in-one library Add support to… Read more »

How to Update Graphic Driver

Download 3DP Chip tool Install&Run 3DP tool, which will show all drivers Click video card to the download page, then click Driver download to get download link. Select the a… Read more »