MEmu Android 4.4 RC5 is Released!

memu   March 3, 2017   Comments Off on MEmu Android 4.4 RC5 is Released!

The 5th MEmu Android 4.4 release candidate (RC5) is released!
[Memu-Kitkat-rc5] [Google Drive] md5: b0c644104b8137cf28eb37a1a1f2da12

Compared to RC4, this version is updated to work with MEmu 2.9.6. In addition,

  • Add contact, calendar and livewallpaper APK as built-in
  • Add support to simulate battery state
  • Improve the compatibility of AMD CPU
  • Improve the overall performance


Installation Steps:

  1. Download and install the standard package MEmu-Setup. (Skip it if already have MEmu 2.9.6)
  2. Download and run the additional package MEmu-Kitkat-rc5 to add Android 4.4 system ova.
  3. Run Multi-MEmu desktop shortcut and Create Android 4.4.
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