PUBG Mobile Games are on PC

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Both of Tencent’s mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds games have just launched on the App Store in China. Late last year Tencent announced that they have access the attorneyship to operate PUBG in China, meanwhile Tencent will also release two PUBG Mobile Games in China, they will be putting out not ONE but TWO. Why two? It’s a traditional healthy competition inside of game giant Tencent. Anyway, good for us. :)

PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield    PUBG Army Attack

Tencent intend to keep the PUBG mobile versions true to the PC version, so you will be very familiar with content of these two mobile games. However, PUBG‘s nature control scheme is a complex keyboard and mouse setup, so it’s not easy for you to play with phone screen, although they have been optimized the mobile experience a lot. Don’t worry, you have MEmu Player, which will bring keyboard and mouse setup back to you smoothly.

play unknow battle ground mobile game

How to play PUBG mobile games on PC

  1. Download and Install the latest MEmu Player (5.0.3 or up)
  2. Download the two APK files here: PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield and PUBG: Army Attack  (The download url link is updated with the official website, so the version you download will always be the latest one)
  3. Run MEmu Player and Configure “2 CPU, 2 GB RAM and Direct X” in MEmu Settings
  4. Install the APK file of PUBG mobile game you just download from above link
  5. Install WeChat or QQ on Mobile Phone to login the game.

In MEmu Player, there are pre-defined key-mapping for the both PUBG mobile games. You may change it by clicking the keyboard button on the side tool bar. For example, adjust the mouse sensitivity for first-person mode or change any shortcuts suitable to you.

pubg mobile, key mapping

There’s been no word on when they will release globally, but given the success of games like Rules of Survival and the other PUBG games , I don’t think we will be waiting too long for a release. Anyway, with the power of MEmu Player, get your hands on a chicken dinner everyday. 😀

pubg chicken dinner

More BKMs if you have issue with MEmu Player:

  1. Fail to start MEmu Player: Update Graphic Driver, Other issues
  2. Low performance in MEmu Player: VT Disabled, VT Conflict
  3. MEmu 101

For more details about how to install and run MEmu App Player, please check as below.


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