How to Solve Start Failure

If you get stuck when launching MEmu, check system requirement first, and then check below solutions.

  1. Failed to start at beginning, because 
    • or Windows OS crash or power failure make your MEmu disk image broken.
    • [Solution: Create a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu]
    • or Anti-virus software like AVAST blocks a certain file in MEmu by mistake.
      [Solution: Disable anti-virus software and create a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu]
    • or Installation process is not fully completed due to restricted environment or anti-virus software.
      [Solution: Re-install as Admin or disable anti-virus software]
  2. Stuck at 59% loading page, because
    • Your graphic card device or your graphic card driver is out-of-date.
      [Solution: Update graphic driver or upgrade graphic card. If your graphic official website doesn’t help, 3DP Chip tool is another option.]
    • Hardware virtualization (VT) is not enabled or Conflict with 3rd-party software.
      [Solution: Enable VT or solve VT conflict]
  3. Stuck at 99% loading page, because
    • You have installed too many apps/games or your hardware virtualization (VT) is not enabled or supported or your hardware spec is too low.
      [Solution: Restart simply, wait a little bit longer, enable VT or upgrade your machine]
    • or Windows OS crash or power failure make some data file in MEmu VM broken.
      [Solution: Close MEmu VM and restart again or create a new MEmu VM with Mutli-MEmu]
    • or your graphic card or driver is out-of-date
      [Solution: Update your graphic card or driver]
  4. Stuck at 100% loading page, because
    • Your anti-virus software like Kaspersky blocks Android boot-up.
      [Solution: Disable Kaspersky or create a new MEmu VM with Mutli-MEmu ]
  5. Stuck at Android Home with a popup of “MEmu is starting”, because
    • Inter-process deadlock due to network socket.
      [Solution: run “netsh winsock reset” in Windows command line and reboot as it requests]

Note: Please report to us if your start failure is not included or well addressed.
Note: Please check system info by clicking the button at top right corner.
System info



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