Monthly Archives: April 2016

MEmu 2.6.5 is Released!

Please visit to download the latest MEmu 2.6.5 package. Release Notes for 2.6.5: Add shortcuts (hotkey) setting Improve the button appearance of exit full screen Improve the stability of vinput, which may cause system hang occasionally Improve multilingual support Fix full screen issue on multiple displays Fix movable issue of maximum window button Fix some tiny bugs Note: The main download link may have speed issue… Read more »

MEmu 2.6.2 is released!

Please visit to download the MEmu 2.6.2 package. Release Notes for 2.6.2: Improve the speed of MEmu launching Fix a few tiny bugs   >> Back to MEmu 101, everything you… Read more »

MEmu 2.6.1 is released!

Please visit to download the MEmu 2.6.1 package. Release Notes for 2.6.1: Add operation record and replay Add virtual camera, like scan QR code from file Add notification pass… Read more »