How to Solve App Failure

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If you run into any Android app or game failure in MEmu Player, there are several possible reasons:

  1. If get app crash or initialization failure, it’s probably because of your AMD CPU.
    [Solution: Change to Intel machine or submit app name to]
  2. If get app crash or graphic related error, it’s probably because of wrong graphic render mode.
    [Solution: Change graphic render mode in System Setting, or submit app name to if this app requires OpenGL ES3.0 or up]
    MEmu Android Emulator
  3. If get security or emulator related error, it’s probably because of the app vendor is blocking emulator environment.
    [Solution: submit app name to]

On the bottom line, that would be much helpful if you can get the app failure log and submit to us at the same time. How to Get App Failure Log



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