Call of Duty Mobile——FAQ

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FAQs about playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

1.How to experience the Early Access.

Click here to check the complete tutorial.

2.How to play COD Mobile with ultra graphic quality.

We received feedback from players, which is even they run COD Mobile with a powerful PC, just two graphic qualities exist—Low and Medium.


2.1 Enter general settings of MEmu player.

2.2 Select performance to Middle(CPU:2   RAM:2048MB). If your PC has a strong configuration, High Performance(CPU:4  RAM:2048) is always a better choice.

2.3 Select Resolution to 1280*720(192dpi)

2.4 Select OpenGL to run this game.

2.5 Enter the Advanced setting. Select Device Modle to Custom: Samsung; S10+. Restart MEmu after these steps.


2.6 Enter system set inside the game. Now it is able to select both graphic quality and frame rate to Very High.

2.7 Restart game after finishing all the steps above.

3. Key mapping of different gaming modes.

In early access, COD Mobile provides players two gaming modes: Multi-Player and Battle Royale.

Players also are able to select the special key mapping with MEmu emulator.

3.1 For Multi-Player:

3.2 For Battle Royale:

4. How to solve Crash and Black Screen problems in game.

Generally, running game with OpenGL graphics driver is able to solve these two problems.


If you cannot find your issue here, please contact us.

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