FAQ of PUBG Mobile Lite—MEmu Android Emulator

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How to solve the “simulator-limit” problem in PUBG Mobile Lite.

After PUBG Mobile Lite released in more regions, some new players are suffering from this “simulator-limit” issue and cannot log in the game.

The reason is that PUBG Mobile Lite detects emulator format and might limit new players to use it.

Therefore, if it is your first time to play PUBG Mobile Lite and you are facing this “simulator-limit” issue, we have found a feasible method to solve this problem:

First of all, please download and install PUBG Mobile Lite on your Phone;

Secondly, please select Google Play or Facebook to login game and create a character;

After that, you need to play this game on Cell Phone for a period of time and upgrade the level of your character.

At last, please use the same account on your phone to log in this game on MEmu, then you should be able to play it normally.


If you cannot find your issue here, please contact us.

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