Download Murderous Pursuits on PC

Welcome aboard a Victorian styled time-traveling airship, where you and seven other players must kill each other in the daring daylight without raising suspicion! Our mysterious party host, Mr. X, will constantly assign you targets to track down and kill. As you stalk your prey you are also pursued by other party-goers. And there’s always the guards who will lock you up if they witness your bad behavior! If you are looking for a way to download Murderous Pursuits on PC, then MEmu is the recommended Android emulator that helps you to power up the gameplay. In this article, you would get to know how to play Murderous Pursuits on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your Murderous Pursuits on PC.

How to Download Murderous Pursuits on Your PC

The following will teach you how to play Murderous Pursuits Revolution with MEmu.

Step 1: Download MEmu on your PC

Install MEmu

Step 2: Search Murderous Pursuits in the Play Store

Murderous Pursuits pc

Note: the game is only available in a few regions, you can download apk from sites like and install it manually

Step 3: Install the game on your emulator

Murderous Pursuits pc

Step 4: Enjoy playing Murderous Pursuits on PC with MEmu

Murderous Pursuits pc

Features of Murderous Pursuits on PC

Bigger screen

Murderous Pursuits pc

You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore.  With MEmu, play Murderous Pursuits on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy. Drive faster and protect your eyes.

Longer Duration than Mobile Devices

Murderous Pursuits pc

Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game, Murderous Pursuits. You always worry about the duration of mobile devices. However, you would enjoy longer gameplay if you play Murderous Pursuits on PC with MEmu. There is no battery limitation, even phone disturbances on PC.

【Blend in the Crowd, Don’t Expose!】

Murderous Pursuits pc

To get rid of exposure, step on special locations where you can partake in a variety of highbrow activities with NPCs to obscure your presence.

【Act Naturally, Fool Them All】

Mimic the actions of NPCs to fool your opponents. Awkward wandering, sudden changes of direction, otherwise jerky moves or running like hell could give you away!