How to Run More MEmu Instances

As you know, MEmu supports to run multiple instances spontaneously. If you want to run them as many as possible, please pay attention to:

  1. Your system spec matters mostly. CPU, RAM and GPU are three key factors. Sometimes, GPU is the bottle neck. You might notice that CPU utilization rises dramatically when GPU is short, especially when you don’t have discrete graphics.
  2. Small resolution is helpful to reduce the graphic burden, which might let you run more VMs with same system spec.
  3. Low frame rate is helpful to reduce the graphic burden, which might let you run more VMs with same system spec.
  4. Your running app/game is the last key factor. It’s totally different workload between a casual game and a fancy ARPG game.

Let me share an example about this topic. Spec is Intel Xeon E5 2670, NVidia GeForce 1060 6GB and 64GB Memory, it can run 30+ instances for light task, while probably only 10+ for heavy task.


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