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Play Shadow Fight 3 on PC

Play Shadow Fight 3 on PC using MEmu Player which is the greatest Android Emulator! Shadow Fight 3 is the third game to launch recently in the Shadow Fight franchise. Fans of the first two games raved…

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天堂M(Lineage M)是將NCSoft於1998年開始服務的原作,PC在線遊戲《天堂》核心要素,轉移到手機平台的MMORPG革命史詩巨作。 無論是盟主號召攻城時的熱血團結感、玩家相互PK的緊張刺激感或團體組隊YY打寶的練功體驗,《天堂M》將帶您回味眾多經典回憶。 《天堂M》除了視覺效果的優化外更加入了革命性的專屬手遊操作介面,讓玩家能夠輕鬆的操控角色,自由自在地在《天堂M》的世界中展開新世代…

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How to play Free Fire – Battlegrounds on PC

Download Free Fire on PC with MEmu Free Fire – Battlegrounds is a simplified version battle royale game, with low configuration required, a normal PC device can also run it smoothly. It’s …

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How to set key mapping and play rules of survival on PC keyboard mouse

First of all, you need to update it to latest version of MEmu 3.6.7, which improved the performance a lot and fixed some compatibility issue. Here is the link to download MEmu App Player and install t…

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How to play Rules of Survival on PC

  With the popularity of PUBG, Player unknown’s Battleground, a series of survival games released. Rules of Survival from NetEase Games has been top of both Apple App Store and Google Play charts…

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Lineage 2 Pre-registration

Play Lineage2 Revolution On PC

How To Play Lineage 2: Revolution On PC Netmarble’s open-world action MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution is already a popular game in Asian market. Following the December 2016 release in South Korea, t…

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