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Tape Thrower

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Tape Thrower電腦版簡介

愛玩Tape Thrower的你,雙手不應該被束縛在智慧手機的小屏幕上。像職業選手一樣用鍵盤和滑鼠來全面控制你的遊戲吧。逍遙模擬器給你提供了你所有的期待。在電腦上下載、安裝Tape Thrower並盡情遊玩。再也不用擔心剩餘電量、流量消耗和煩人的來電。全新的逍遙模擬器7是你在電腦上遊玩Tape Thrower的最佳選擇!我们用心準備,完美的按鍵映射系統讓Tape Thrower宛如電腦遊戲;我們,用嫻熟的技術編程,逍遙多開器讓所有遊戲開好開滿;獨一無二的虛擬化引擎釋放你電腦的全部潛力,一切都入絲般順滑。我們不僅在意你怎樣遊玩,更在意如何讓你享受遊玩的樂趣!


Tape Thrower電腦版截圖&影片

透過逍遙模擬器,在電腦上下載Tape Thrower,享受大熒幕的暢快體驗。 Pull out your duct tape, hero, we have another emergency!


Pull out your duct tape, hero, we have another emergency! It is time to prove to the world the all-mighty power of pranks.
All you have is duct tape, but the only thing that can limit you is your imagination. Remember how it was being a kid? Dash, throw, slash, slice or electrify - empower the tape with any superpower you can think of.
Who needs a sword, knife or gun, when you got duct tape?
The gameplay is intuitive - all you need is swiping through the phone screen to throw your tape into dummy enemies. However, can you stick robbers to a police car or clowns to a Ferris wheel? Be a real gentleman and help to save the world.
Looking for even more fun? Try upgrading your duct tape with one of the dozens of superpowers available in the game. Electrify, inflate, explode, burst - try one of the unique features available as you progress. Can you unlock them all at once?
The universe needs to be fixed - only duct tape can help! Trust me, I’m an engineer.
Download Tape Thrower for free now and prove that duct tape can fix everything.


電腦玩Tape Thrower

  • Tape Thrower電腦版

    1. 下載逍遙安裝器並完成設置

  • Tape Thrower電腦版

    2. 啟動逍遙後打開位於桌面上的谷歌商店

  • Tape Thrower電腦版

    3. 在谷歌商店中搜尋Tape Thrower

  • Tape Thrower電腦版 Install

    4. 下載並安裝Tape Thrower

  • Tape Thrower電腦版

    5. 下載完成後點擊圖標來啟動

  • Tape Thrower電腦版
    Tape Thrower電腦版 Tape Thrower電腦版

    6. 透過逍遙享受在電腦上體驗Tape Thrower

為什麼用逍遙玩Tape Thrower


  • 大屏精細展示;無限待機,超越電池和流量限制

  • 鍵鼠,手把操作全面支持,操作更精準

  • 用逍遙多開同時運行多個遊戲、應用。


Tape Thrower電腦版
Tape Thrower電腦版
Tape Thrower電腦版
Tape Thrower電腦版