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Legendary Hoplite

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    Legendary Hoplite電腦版

Legendary Hoplite電腦版簡介

愛玩Legendary Hoplite的你,雙手不應該被束縛在智慧手機的小屏幕上。像職業選手一樣用鍵盤和滑鼠來全面控制你的遊戲吧。逍遙模擬器給你提供了你所有的期待。在電腦上下載、安裝Legendary Hoplite並盡情遊玩。再也不用擔心剩餘電量、流量消耗和煩人的來電。全新的逍遙模擬器9是你在電腦上遊玩Legendary Hoplite的最佳選擇!我们用心準備,完美的按鍵映射系統讓Legendary Hoplite宛如電腦遊戲;我們,用嫻熟的技術編程,逍遙多開器讓所有遊戲開好開滿;獨一無二的虛擬化引擎釋放你電腦的全部潛力,一切都入絲般順滑。我們不僅在意你怎樣遊玩,更在意如何讓你享受遊玩的樂趣!


Legendary Hoplite電腦版截圖&影片

透過逍遙模擬器,在電腦上下載Legendary Hoplite,享受大熒幕的暢快體驗。 Play as Dio, a young commander inspired by the old heroes from Greek mythos like Achilles, Hector, and Perseus.


Play as Dio, a young commander inspired by the old heroes from Greek mythos like Achilles, Hector, and Perseus. He uses spears, swords and shields to slay thousands of monsters attacking the city of Ithaca. Dio has yet to discover his true power with a wide selection of gear to be used, godlike powers to be summoned and entire new armies to be drafted for battle. This is a war for the fate of mankind.The monsters that will try to breach your defense are many and varied. You'll need to think carefully about combat tactics and power balance, especially when dealing with legendary bosses. The most important goal is to not let the enemy pass through the gate. Fight against the beasts and legendary tribes from Greek mythology. They will use all their might to break through your ranks and shatter the line of defense.In battles, you must lead your army and think of the right strategies to face different enemies. The mundane weapons of the world are not enough to repel the attacks of the mighty monsters. Dio needs the weapons with deadly power, the artifacts blessed by the Gods themselves. Besides strategically arranging the armies, you'll need to upgrade them through battles to match the stronger and more unusual enemies. The classic skill tree upgrade system combined with the sets of war technique provide the required versatility. Changing them will open up tactical options and let your defenders vanquish the ever-changing monster waves.Make your own build with a combination of skills and become a powerful adversary for your enemies. Your enemies are the beasts and legendary races from Greek mythology who conflicted with humans since the dawn of time and have long wanted to exterminate them. The legions of the dead started this war, gathered the army and attacked Ithaca in great numbers. The beasts and monsters from around the region took advantage of the opportunity to advance their forces.Pay special attention to the bosses. They are creatures of legend that caused much suffering to mankind. Now, they will use their impetuous primordial strength to break through our defenses.Stop them from destroying our homeland and killing our people at any cost. The Trojan War is over.Odysseus, king of Ithaca, became a legend because of his trick with the Trojan horse. Having returned from Troy, Odysseus regained the throne of Ithaca, but peace did not last long...An unexpected event led to Odysseus’s death at the hand of his illegitimate son. This incident revealed a critical secret and brought an endless horde of monsters to the gates of Ithaca.Over 100 levels where A-RPG meets Tower Defense.Over 60 types of monsters with hundreds of variants.Many bosses from the original Greek mythology, including Cerberus, Hydra, Gorgon, Minotaur, etc.Plenty of items to collect and equip in your endless hunt.Various armies with dozens of special skills that enable countless strategies.And many more secrets tied to the achievement system waiting to be discovered.


電腦玩Legendary Hoplite

  • Legendary Hoplite電腦版

    1. 下載逍遙安裝器並完成設置

  • Legendary Hoplite電腦版

    2. 啟動逍遙後打開位於桌面上的谷歌商店

  • Legendary Hoplite電腦版

    3. 在谷歌商店中搜尋Legendary Hoplite

  • Legendary Hoplite電腦版 Install

    4. 下載並安裝Legendary Hoplite

  • Legendary Hoplite電腦版

    5. 下載完成後點擊圖標來啟動

  • Legendary Hoplite電腦版
    Legendary Hoplite電腦版 Legendary Hoplite電腦版

    6. 透過逍遙享受在電腦上體驗Legendary Hoplite

為什麼用逍遙玩Legendary Hoplite


  • 大屏精細展示;無限待機,超越電池和流量限制

  • 鍵鼠,手把操作全面支持,操作更精準

  • 用逍遙多開同時運行多個遊戲、應用。


Legendary Hoplite - FAQs

  • How to play Legendary Hoplite on PC?

    Play Legendary Hoplite on PC by following steps:

    • Download MEmu, then install and launch it
    • Login to Google Play Store, install the game
    • Enjoy playing the game on PC with MEmu
  • What are the minimum system requirements to run Legendary Hoplite on PC?
    • Intel or AMD Processor
    • Microsoft Windows 7 and above
    • 2GB of memory
    • 5GB of free disk space
    • Hardware Virtualization Technology
Legendary Hoplite電腦版
Legendary Hoplite電腦版
Legendary Hoplite電腦版
Legendary Hoplite電腦版