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Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК

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Особенности Mirage:Perfect Skyline на ПК

При всей вашей страсти к игре в ххх, ваши руки не должны быть ограничены на крошечном экране вашего телефона. Играйте как профессионал и получите полный контроль над игрой с помощью клавиатуры и мыши. MEmu предлагает вам все то, что вы ожидаете. Скачайте и играйте ххх на ПК. Играйте сколько угодно, никаких ограничений по батарее, мобильным данным и звонкам. Совершенно новый MEmu 9 - лучший выбор для игры в ххх на ПК. Благодаря изысканной системе предустановки клавиш, ххх превращается в настоящую игру для ПК. Менеджер нескольких экземпляров делает возможным игру с двумя или более учетными записями на одном устройстве. И самое главное, наш эксклюзивный механизм эмуляции может полностью раскрыть потенциал вашего ПК, сделать все гладко. Нам важно не только то, как вы играете, но и весь процесс наслаждения игровым счастьем.

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Скриншоты и Видео Mirage:Perfect Skyline на ПК

Скачайте Mirage:Perfect Skyline на ПК с помощью Андроид эмулятора MEmu. Наслаждайтесь на большом экране. Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a new MMORPG with gods and demons-based theme, offering a variety of well-designed team events.

Загрузка MEmu

Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a new MMORPG with gods and demons-based theme, offering a variety of well-designed team events. No longer do you have to face the world alone! Whether to become a demon or a god… The choice is in your hands…
You'll get VIP for free after logging in for 30 minutes, as well as a gorgeous image if you log in daily. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy uninterrupted fun both online and offline today. Your ultimate Fate awaits!
The path of cultivation is a long and arduous one.
--While demons were not born in this world, they became devils when they rebelled against God.
System Overview
[Choose from 8 Major Classes]
[Each generation produces talents, and each of them leads the way]
A suitable class allows you to shine and stand out. There is no strongest, only the most suitable skills. A variety of skills are available for you to match and develop your exclusive fighting style. Protect or destroy, it's all up to you!
[Travel the World, Soar at Your Pace!]
[Go through the prosperity of the world and vicissitudes of life.]
A breathtaking 3D ancient fairy world where you can fly freely. With its superb audio-visual feast, you can immerse yourself in the atmospheric fairy world online and enjoy the unique style.
[Multiplayer Arena, Waiting for You!]
[The beacon of the battle is my unquenched blood.]
Get ready for action in Sarichiaee, a battlefield with a thousand people where two camps await you to join! Capture strongholds, grab resources, win the highest points for your camp, and enjoy the fruits of victory! In addition, the game offers a limited-time Cross Server Guild War, in which you can discuss tactics with your friends and participate in city-crushing PvP for glory.
[Become the God, King of the World!]
[All beings are equal, you and I can be gods!]
There is an exclusive God System, where you can transform all different kinds of Gods! Each god has their own unique skills with high DMG. You can also form a Party with your friends and battle all kinds of bosses together. Enjoy DMG stacking, multiplied efficiency, and the thrill of getting Ultimate Gear and various cool appearances!
[Heaven Bestowal, Happy Marriage!]
[I can never forget the scene of the first encounter, nor the pain of separating]
You'll never miss meeting your soulmate and battle partner thanks to the social system and bonding system in the game! Take advantage of the public and private chat features to meet your comrades, and make lots of friends along the way.
Create a wonderful encounter and become the Couple envied by all. You can even hold a grand Wedding of your dream and raise the Baby together. Cultivate and fight with your family and friends in unity.
[Fashionable Image, Sassy Battle Pets!]
[Everyone is unique]
Getting tired of wearing the same old, boring clothes? This game brings hundreds of different kinds of images where you can create your own fashion style!
Apart from that, you can deploy multiple pets simultaneously. Make the special pet beside you the beautiful scenery and a great weapon! Mighty? Handsome? Adorkable? Cute? Create your own character to your liking, by your own hands!
Follow us to get constant news and updates;
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EyouMPS
Official Website:https://game.eyougame.com/1108400
Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/9H3Q3GjYJQ
Support: https://www.eyougame.com/v2/contact

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Скачать Mirage:Perfect Skyline на ПК

  • Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК

    1. Скачать инсталлятор MEmu и завершайте установку

  • Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК

    2. Запускайте MEmu, затем откройте Google Play на главной странице

  • Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК

    3. Ищите Mirage:Perfect Skyline в Google Play

  • Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК Install

    4. Скачайте и установите Mirage:Perfect Skyline

  • Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК

    5. При завершении установки, нажмите на значок для старта

  • Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК
    Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК

    6. Наслаждайтесь игрой в Mirage:Perfect Skyline на ПК с помощью MEmu

Зачем использовать MEmu для Mirage:Perfect Skyline

MEmu App Player лучший бесплатный андроид эмулятор и 50 миллионов людей уже наслаждаются превосходным игровым опытом в андроид. Технология виртуализации MEmu позволяет вам запускать тысячи игр андроида на вашем ПК без тормозов, даже самые графически насыщенные.

  • Большой экран с лучшей графикой; Большая продолжительность, без ограничения батареи или мобильных данных.

  • Полная поддержка установки клавиш для точного управления клавиатурой и мышью или геймпадом.

  • Несколько игровых учетных записей или задач на одном компьютере одновременно с менеджером нескольких экземпляров.

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Mirage:Perfect Skyline - FAQs

  • How to play Mirage:Perfect Skyline on PC?

    Play Mirage:Perfect Skyline on PC by following steps:

    • Download MEmu, then install and launch it
    • Login to Google Play Store, install the game
    • Enjoy playing the game on PC with MEmu
  • What are the minimum system requirements to run Mirage:Perfect Skyline on PC?
    • Intel or AMD Processor
    • Microsoft Windows 7 and above
    • 2GB of memory
    • 5GB of free disk space
    • Hardware Virtualization Technology
Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК
Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК
Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК
Mirage:Perfect Skyline ПК