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    Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版

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想入坑Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals,可是手機熒幕太小,一跑遊戲就變燙,怎麼辦?透過逍遙模擬器,在電腦的大熒幕上暢快體驗!用鍵鼠像實況主一樣打出神操作,逍遙模擬器滿足您的所有期待。在電腦上下載安裝Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals,不用擔心電池當掉,想玩多久玩多久,順暢跑一天~全新的逍遙模擬器7,絕對是您遊玩Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版的最佳選擇。完美的按鍵映射系統讓Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals如端遊般運行;透過逍遙多開器,讓所有遊戲開好開滿;更有獨一無二的虛擬化引擎釋放電腦的全部潛能,穩定掛網不斷線。我們不僅在乎您怎樣遊玩,更在乎如何讓您玩得開心!


Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版截圖&影片

透過逍遙模擬器,在電腦上下載Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals,享受大熒幕的暢快體驗。 Welcome to the new Lazada mobile app!


Welcome to the new Lazada mobile app! Join over 140 million shoppers on Lazada across South East Asia for the best online shopping experience. Download and shop now to get the Lowest Price1 on Lazada 9th Birthday Surprise on Mar 27!
Lazada 9th birthday happens and it comes with the best deals and surprises for its customers! The LAZADA BIRTHDAY SALE gives you the finest assortment of products, topped with great vouchers and deals for you. Get free shipping vouchers each time during the Birthday Sale with no minimum spend.
These, alongside other surprises and best deals exclusive within the top online shopping platform. The best and amazing deals from LAZADA now comes to you with the Birthday Sale!
Get Exclusive vouchers for your first purchase. Get coins when you check in daily, collect vouchers from Lazada and Sellers every time you use the Lazada app!
Shopping branded products comes with authenticity concerns. Now shop carefree from Official Brand Stores on LazMall guaranteeing 100% authentic products. Enjoy 10000+ Global brands at your fingertips like Nike, Adidas, Maybelline, L’Oréal, Huggies, Olay, Unilever, Nestle, i2i, Pampers, and more.
Shopping is made easy for you with Lazada superior product recommendation algorithm to ensure personalized products, deals and vouchers, Just for You
Unsure on what to buy online? You can check out the daily livestreams coming from the LazLive and from our Sellers in Feed feature to be entertained and informed of the latest products online. You can also get exclusive vouchers when watching these streams that you can also use on the app
Check out the product reviews, see the seller ratings, and 'CHAT WITH SELLERS' directly! Dissatisfied? Simply return for a full refund via the simple returns policies
Pay securely through multiple payment options available. Cash on Delivery, Lazada Installments, LazWallet and secure bank transactions are all offered by our app
Shop More and Save More with our Flash Sales in limited time slots. Redeem the latest promo codes, Seller vouchers, Bank vouchers and discounts every day for the best prices. Participate in Flash Sales and get additional 50% off Flash Vouchers during peak hours that you can use for your favorite products.
Enjoy effortless online shopping and home delivery coming from a huge variety of products in electronics, sports, beauty, digital, groceries, toys, cars & motorcycles, shoes, fragrances, health, fashion and much more
***Most Trusted Online Shopping Destination in Southeast Asia!***
Indonesia: Marketeers 2017 – Best WOW Brand for E-Commerce
Thailand: 2016-2017 Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand – Online Shopping
Singapore: Asia One People's Choice Awards 2015: Top 3 E-Retailers in Singapore
Philippines: Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand Award 2014 – Gold Standard
Countries supported
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
Recently, we’ve been notified of several cases where our app is promoted fraudulently by some third-party advertisers, usually in the form of site redirection, fake vouchers and games. These types of ads are being promoted without our consent and we strictly condemn this type of behavior.
If you encounter any of these issues, please help us and copy the page URL found and report it to with subject AAV so that we can put an end to this.
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    Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版 Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版

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  • 大屏精細展示;無限待機,超越電池和流量限制

  • 鍵鼠,手把操作全面支持,操作更精準

  • 用逍遙多開同時運行多個遊戲、應用。



Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版
Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版
Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版
Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals電腦版