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MU Archangel电脑版简介

爱玩MU Archangel的你,双手不应该被束缚在手机的小屏幕上。像职业选手一样用键盘和滑鼠来全面控制你的游戏吧。在电脑上下载、安装MU Archangel并尽情游玩。再也不用担心剩余电量、流量消耗和烦人的来电。全新的逍遥模拟器7是你在电脑上游玩MU Archangel的最佳选择!我们用心准备,完美的按键映射系统让MU Archangel宛如电脑游戏;用娴熟的技术编程,逍遥多开器让所有游戏开好开满;独一无二的虚拟化引擎释放你电脑的全部潜力,一切都如丝般顺滑。我们不仅在意你怎样游玩,更在意如何让你享受游玩的乐趣!


MU Archangel电脑版截图&视频

透过逍遥模拟器,在电脑上下载MU Archangel,享受大荧屏的畅快体验。 Greetings, we are MU Archangel!


Greetings, we are MU Archangel!
MU, just as it was online, is back on mobile!
▶ Meet MU again, with emotions of the old days!
Recall your memory of gameplay with Blood Castle, Square of Devil, Chaos Castle, and more!
▶ Face the most powerful enemy ever!
Only those with strong power can survive. Conquer numerous bosses and win the deadly arena to be the strongest warrior!
▶ Introducing new guild contents!
From Guild Feast that will enhance your bond with guild members, to Castle Siege that will bring you to fierce battles! Enjoy our new guild contents!
▣ Permission request instructions
MU Archangel asks for the following permissions when installing the game to better serve you.
- Use of SD memory: allow this app to use MU Archangel app folder installed on the device to apply real-time patches and bug fixes.
- Access to Camera: allow this app to read photos and media on the device for the purpose of uploading photos/media as attachments in your inquiry.
▶ Game play may be restricted if you deny access to required information on your device.
[How to remove access permission]
* Android OS 6.0 or higher *
Device Settings > Apps > MU Archangel > Permissions > Reset each access permission
* Lower than Android OS 6.0 *
Access can be removed only when the app is deleted.


电脑玩MU Archangel

  • MU Archangel电脑版

    1. 下载逍遥安装器并完成设置

  • MU Archangel电脑版

    2. 启动逍遥后打开位于桌面上的谷歌商店

  • MU Archangel电脑版

    3. 在谷歌商店中搜索MU Archangel

  • MU Archangel电脑版 Install

    4. 下载并安装MU Archangel

  • MU Archangel电脑版

    5. 下载完成后点击图标来启动

  • MU Archangel电脑版
    MU Archangel电脑版 MU Archangel电脑版

    6. 通过逍遥在电脑上享受MU Archangel

为什么用逍遥玩MU Archangel


  • 大屏精细展示;无限待机,超越电池和流量限制

  • 键鼠、手把操作全面支持,操作更精准

  • 用逍遥多开同时运行多个游戏、应用。



MU Archangel电脑版
MU Archangel电脑版
MU Archangel电脑版
MU Archangel电脑版