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Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

Share Via SMS (SVS)

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    Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版简介

想入坑Share Via SMS (SVS),可是手机屏幕太小,一跑游戏就变烫,怎么办?使用逍遥模拟器,在电脑的大屏幕上畅快体验!用键鼠像电竞选手一样打出神操作,逍遥模拟器满足您的所有期待。在电脑上下载安装Share Via SMS (SVS),不用担心电池当掉,想玩多久玩多久,顺畅跑一天~全新的逍遥模拟器7,绝对是您体验Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版的最佳选择。完美的按键映射系统让Share Via SMS (SVS)如端游般运行;通过逍遥多开器,让所有游戏开好开满;更有独一无二的虚拟化引擎释放电脑的全部潜能,稳定挂机不断线。我们不仅在乎您怎样游玩,更在乎如何让您玩得开心!


Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版截图&视频

透过逍遥模拟器,在电脑上下载Share Via SMS (SVS),享受大荧屏的畅快体验。 Stop worrying about your internet bills.


Stop worrying about your internet bills.
If you live in an under-developed area with poor 3G/LTE/4G signal? Can't afford a data bundle? No Problem! Share your cherished memories and memorable moments, using standard SMS without the internet to any SVS user.
SVS is a messaging app that lets you text, share images and voice messages using standard texting. SVS uses its unique technology to package large files into chunks of SMS.
Some of our great features are:
1. No internet required:
Its the dedicated picture sms app that allows you not worry about connecting to a data package.
2. Spam list:
Keep your inbox clean by adding contacts to the spam list. Now forget about the annoying marketing messages everyday.
3. Dual SIM:
Support for 3000+ Dual SIM devices (android 5.1+) and growing.
4. Localized Stickers:
Say less with words and more with images and make your conversations more engaging. Local stickers for the Urdu speaking population of the world.
5. Popup notifications:
Quickly reply to texts without leaving your game or any videos you are watching.
6. Offline location sharing:
Got lost in in your city? No issues. Our app lets you tell where you are. When you are offline it will share your GPS coordinates and it can even show you a map of your location.
7. Material Themes:
Differentiate your app from your friends. Customize the look of the app using material design colors.
8. Material Design:
Be delighted! SVS is inspired by Google's Material Design.The animations, transitions and other subtle details have all been optimized to run smoothly on all Lollipop devices.
9. Real time push notifications:
Gorgeous looking material messaging features an fluid interface that is simple, intuitive and vibrant.
10. SMS lists:
Great for mass texting. Track your conversation and engage with multiple contacts simultaneously.
8. 24/7, Everywhere service:
Your messages, pictures and audio can now reach your recipients anytime, anywhere.
9. No battery drain:
Behind the scene optimizations ensure friendly battery life! SVS is lightweight.
SVS is made with love in Pakistan. Try it and share it with your friends!
1. Recommended for use with your service provider’s/carrier’s bulk SMS packages.
2. Huawei device users should set this app as protected in phone settings.
Share audio or share images via sms. Its as easy as select, choose quality and send. Absolutely no need of the internet.
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Netsol’s Throwathon throws more fire to the Startup fuel
PUCIT students win ‘Throw a Thon’ at LUMS
1st Prize Google HackFair Community Choice Award:

Runner-Up Software Competition Softec 2016:
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Right us a review on what features matter to you. Help us to increase the reach for image and audio content sharing via texting.


电脑玩Share Via SMS (SVS)

  • Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

    1. 下载逍遥安装器并完成设置

  • Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

    2. 启动逍遥后打开位于桌面上的谷歌商店

  • Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

    3. 在谷歌商店中搜索Share Via SMS (SVS)

  • Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版 Install

    4. 下载并安装Share Via SMS (SVS)

  • Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

    5. 下载完成后点击图标来启动

  • Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版
    Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版 Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版

    6. 通过逍遥在电脑上享受Share Via SMS (SVS)

为什么用逍遥玩Share Via SMS (SVS)


  • 大屏精细展示;无限待机,超越电池和流量限制

  • 键鼠、手把操作全面支持,操作更精准

  • 用逍遥多开同时运行多个游戏、应用。



Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版
Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版
Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版
Share Via SMS (SVS)电脑版