MEmu 3.5.0 is Released!

Please visit to download the latest MEmu 3.5.0
md5: ed78678a47de00b62204fac68e108660
New feature walk-through


Change Log:

  • New black theme and UI 
  • Add support to change frame rate
  • Add support to fix the size of main window
  • Add switch to enable/disable launcher widget
  • Add cache policy to avoid image broken due to power failure
  • Improve the speed of bootup after many app installed
  • Improve the speed to hide main window when click boss key
  • Fix the issue of occasional failure to enable Direct X mode
  • Fix the issue of compatibility with unity5 game engine
  • Fix the issue of occasional false orientation
  • Fix some other tiny bugs


– It might take a while to install if you have multiple existed instances to overwrite.
– Android 4.4 is the default rom and you need download Android 5.1 rom in Multi-MEMU.


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