Alpha Ace is a 5v5 FPS with various game modes out now in early access on PC with MEmu

Skang Studio’s Alpha Ace is a brand new action FPS similar to Modern Combat 5 and Combat Master Mobile. It features many modes, but the goal is usually to take down as many enemies as possible.

In Alpha Ace, you will play in a team and earn points by defeating enemies. You can also get bonus points for completing different objectives, depending on the game mode. There will be a variety of weapons to choose from. If you like close-quarter fights, pick SMG’s or shotguns while if you prefer mid to long-range combat, choose assault rifles or snipers.

It is pretty obvious that just like other mobile FPS, Alpha Ace also takes heavy inspiration from Counter-Strike. There are many game modes like Demolition Clash, Team Clash, Point Grab, Endgame Mode, Costume Party, Titans Arcade, and Rocket Game.

Demolition Clash, Team Clash, Point Grab, and Endgame are the classic modes where you either try and plant a bomb, wipe out the enemy team or score more points than them to win. But Costume Party, Titans Arcade, and Rocket Man are some interesting modes where you can play Hide and seek, collect power-ups to become super powerful, or play with a rocket launcher in a low-gravity environment.


Alpha Ace is pretty similar to other mobile FPS that tries to fill the need for a mobile version of Counter-Strike. The gameplay, no doubt, is pretty solid, but other similar games are already offering the same experience. If you already have one of those downloaded, there’s no reason to switch to Alpha Ace. The only bonus that it offers is a few extra game modes.

But yes, if you ever wanted to experience playing Counter-Strike on your mobile, then it might be worth trying.

Alpha Ace is now available to download in select countries

Alpha Ace is now in early access on Android in Russia, and players from there can download it on MEmu. There are no updates about whether or not the test will expand to more countries. An APK version is available to download, although it would be best to wait for the official launch in your region to avoid any issues.

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