Blade&Soul Revolution classes

The Ultimate MMORPG, Play The Revolution!  “Blade&Soul Revolution” Open Now! So, in this post, we will talk about the classes of Blade&Soul Revolution. Hope you can find your favorite!

Blade&Soul Revolution classes: Blade Master

Blade&Soul Revolution blade master

They have a wide range of attack and block skills. A versatile, well-rounded class.

Available For: Yun, Jin

The Blade Masters are fearless warriors. The blade in their hands is not only for offense but also for defense. And in some sense, they are more like tank class instead of a DPS class. Their defense abilities are the best among all the classes. So, it is not that easy to play with Blade Master. The reason is simple, it can be really hard for Blade Masters to make the decision: Attack or protect your teammate.

Blade&Soul Revolution classes: Kung Fu Master

Blade&Soul Revolution kungfu master

With their gauntlet weapons, they can counter incoming attacks and force their opponents into submission to render them defenseless.

Available For: Jin, Gon

No matter in which MMORPG game, the short-hand class is always the most difficult class to play. On the one hand, they can deal decent damage, but on the other hand, they have to get close to their enemies with their bare hands. If you have enough confidence with skills, Kung Fu Master is not recommended for beginners.

Blade&Soul Revolution classes: Destroyer

Wielding a giant axe, they can grab staggered enemies and even protect themselves with iron armor.

Blade&Soul Revolution destroyer

Available For: Gon

Destroyers have only one role in a team, tank. A real simple class for everyone. With great ability to take damage, Destroyers are always the last man standing on a battlefield.

Blade&Soul Revolution classes: Force Master

They use chi to attack enemies at a distance, able to deal with multiple targets at once.

Available For: Lyn, Yun

Blade&Soul Revolution force master

The Force Master (aka FM) is a ranged class that excels in dealing strong, continuous damage while offering moderate amounts of crowd control and utility. Using bangles to cast elemental projectiles, FMs effectively function as mobile “gunners” by relying on movement and positioning in order to kite around their enemies without compromising DPS.