Brawl Stars introduces Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus in January 2024 Update

Brawl Stars, is set to receive a major update in January 2024 that will bring significant changes to the Brawl Pass system. The Brawl Pass is a subscription-based service that offers rewards and perks to players who complete quests and progress through tiers.

The January 2024 update will introduce a new tier of Brawl Pass, called Brawl Pass Plus, that will offer even more exclusive benefits to players who opt for it. The update will also change the season length, the quest system, the progression rewards, and the currency system of the Brawl Pass. Here are the details of the upcoming changes and what they mean for the players.

Brawl Stars January 2024 Update: Change in Season Length

The first change that players will notice is the reduction of the season length from two months to one month (approximately). The seasons will now start on the first Thursday of each month, instead of the first Monday. This change is designed to make each season feel fresh and new, and to keep players engaged and excited throughout the month.

According to Supercell, most players do not complete the Brawl Pass (around 85% of the players do not reach tier 70), and the ones who do finish it do not feel rewarded enough. A shorter season will allow more players to complete the Brawl Pass and get more rewards than they would normally get with the two-month version. It will also align the seasons with the updates and the weekends, making the first weekend after an update more special.

Quest system and Brawl Pass tokens

The second change that players will notice is the shift in emphasis from daily to seasonal quests for Brawl Pass progression. Previously, most of the Brawl Pass progress came from completing daily quests, which required players to play every day and complete specific tasks. Now, most of the Brawl Pass progress will come from completing seasonal quests, which can be done at any point during the season.

Brawl Stars Pass January 2024 Update Quest System

Image via Supercell Games

This change will give players more flexibility and freedom on how and when they want to complete the Brawl Pass, without affecting those who play daily. Supercell Games will also increase the number of seasonal quests, and add new ones every day, instead of only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, the hard quest will be removed and replaced with more medium quests, each granting 500 tokens instead of 250. This will make the progress smoother and less grindy.

Progression rewards for free players

The third change that players will notice is the improvement of the progression rewards for free players, who save their gems to buy a Brawl Pass every other season (approximately three passes per year). Over a year, these players can expect to receive an impressive amount of coins, power points, gems, and credits, along with some exciting new additions.

Brawl Stars Pass January 2024 Update free

Image via Supercell Games

These include:

  • Starr Drops: These are new items that can be found in the Brawl Pass tiers. Each Starr Drop will give players a random cosmetic item, such as a skin, a pin, or a profile icon. There will be 348 Starr Drops and 12 guaranteed legendary Starr Drops over a year.
  • Chroma Credits removal: Another major change that will affect the Brawl Pass system is the removal of the Chroma Credits. Instead of Chroma Credits, players will now receive Credits and player’s Chroma credits will be removed and will be converted to credits. One Chroma Credit equals 1.85 Credits, which can be used to buy exclusive cosmetics in the shop.
  • Chromatic Rarity removal:  With Chroma credits, chromatic rarity will also be removed. Chromatic brawlers can now be purchased using gems or credits from Starr Road.

A free player who buys the Brawl Pass with gems every other season will, of course, get less bling than a paying player. But in terms of overall value, they will get a greater variety of cosmetics through Starr Drops, and more gems to spend on other items.

Brawl Stars Pass January 2024 Update: Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus changes

The fourth and final change that players will notice is the introduction of a new tier of Brawl Pass, called Brawl Pass Plus. This is a premium service that will offer more exclusive benefits to players who opt for it. The Brawl Pass Plus will cost $9.99, while the regular Brawl Pass will cost $6.99.

Brawl Pass Plus changes

Image via Supercell Games

New Brawl Pass: Rewards

  • 8,000 Coins
  • 2,000 Power Points
  • 1000 Credits
  • 2200 Bling
  • 50 Gems

Older Pass rewards

  • 5,695 Coins
  • 2,400 Power Points
  • 720 Credits
  • 4,350 Bling

Brawlers won’t be part of the Brawl Pass anymore. Players can now unlock any brawler upto Epic rarity or claim 100 extra credits.

Brawl Pass Plus: Rewards

  • Apart from all the rewards of the Brawl Pass, players will get 3000 Coins, 1500 Power Points, 1500 Bling, and 50 Gems.
  • Exclusive Color Variations of the Brawl Pass Skin and a unique title.
  • The Brawl Pass Plus will also offer more gems than the regular Brawl Pass, making it more valuable for players who want to buy more items in the shop.


The Brawl Stars January 2024 update brings a lot of exciting changes that promise to enhance the Brawl Pass experience for all players. Whether you are a free player, a regular Brawl Pass buyer, or a Brawl Pass Plus subscriber, you will find something to enjoy and benefit from in the new and improved Brawl Pass.

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