Building Everdale, Supercell’s “peaceful” multiplayer mobile game

Everdale is Supercell’s latest world-building simulation game created in their Helsinki studio and currently out in certain regions in beta form. The game is somewhat similar to Hay Day in the sense that most of it are about building up a settlement in a peaceful and calm world unlike games like Clash of Clans where there are wars and battles to worry about. In Everdale, you only have to worry about keeping your villagers fed, building and trading. Here in this article, we will review Everdale and share our first impressions of the game.

Now the game definitely has a really peaceful vibe to it and a more casual sort of gameplay. But like usual you can always expect a good game from Supercell and they deliver on it.

Grow your village and lead your villagers in a lush utopian community

Starting off with the review, Everdale will start out slow. It’ll take a while before you have enough villagers and enough resources to set up a good and well-built community to start off with. Compared to other Supercell games, this one definitely takes its time when it comes to building. But that isn’t necessarily bad as you get time to explore all the features and understand how to manage your villagers and divide the workload. The game requires you to individually assign villagers to tasks like cooking food and farming, harvesting, chopping up and gathering wood, building, research, and other work.

It’s important to keep them well fed so that they’re always prepared to work on upgrades and do tasks around the village. Through research in the lab, you can unlock new blueprints for structures, potions, spells, and more to keep their village thriving. Now again this too takes some time to unlock things to research, you’ll have to complete the objectives the game wants you to. The game has something of a story too but it just nudges around the gameplay a little every once in a while and the gameplay isn’t really story-driven.

Build and live peacefully in a world devoid of any invasions or wars

Like we mentioned earlier, Everdale isn’t about fighting and looting players. It’s about building up communities. So the gameplay is definitely more laid back and calmer. The game has co-op elements and players can get together in teams of up to 9 villages in a valley. Now the game hasn’t been released globally so there’s obviously not a lot of players when it comes to multiplayer but a cool thing is that you can hop into the valley and actually just scroll onto other villages created by players and check out what kind of layouts and build ideas they’re going for. There’s definitely a lot of content to explore and in terms of gameplay, this game has done pretty well. Again as compared to other games it definitely feels slower but managing villagers and assigning tasks to them will keep you busy.

Vibrant graphics with usual simplistic controls

Now the graphics have a similar theme to the other Supercell games. Most of them have that signature look and color scheme but right now, it feels like the game’s graphics could be a little sharper. Titles like Clash of Clans and Hay Day definitely feel a lot sharper and better.

However, the game is still in beta and Supercell is probably working on it. In terms of audio, the game has the usual Supercell soundtrack style. It’s pretty casual and the sound effects are good enough. In terms of controls, it has the usual click and touches styled controls. The UI too is pretty simplistic and spending some time on it will allow you to get used to it.

Balanced but unnecessary IAPs to speed up your progress

Like always, there are no ads. The game does have IAPs but so far, they’re pretty balanced. The game isn’t exactly pay-to-win but paying for in-game items can definitely speed up progress. It’s like most other Supercell games but since it isn’t a competitive game, paying for stuff won’t give you an edge over other players. It’ll only help you get through the game faster.

Final Verdict

Everdale is a pretty good casual title. It isn’t the best Supercell game out there but it definitely does add to the Supercell universe and is worth playing for the peaceful experience. Again the game is pretty slow-paced and it might take a while to progress.

Again the game does have a mild pay to win side to it but Supercell does make really addictive games that make progress fun. From our review perspective, Everdale is definitely worth a play for anyone who wants to try out a casual and peaceful world-building game.

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