Clash of Clans April 2023: List of Weekly Events, Challenges, and rewards

In Clash of Clans, more often than not one will find that there is an ongoing event in the game every other week. This is part of Supercell‘s policy to keep the players engrossed in the game and give them more activities so that they do not get bored. Similarly, a set of events are occurring this month as well, and one can take a brief look at the said Clash of Clans events due for the current month of April 2023 in the following article.

Complete list of events in Clash of Clans for April 2023

The month of April is packed with multiple events and all of them will cater to the overall enjoyment of an average player playing Clash of Clans this month. Without further ado, let us get on with the list of the events set to kick off:

1. Dark Ages Season Challenge

Clash of clans Season Challenge, Clash of Clans April 2023 events

Image via Supercell

2. Dark Ages Warden challenge (April 1st to April 9th)

Dark Ages Season Warden Challenge Clash of Clans Cover

Image via Supercell

The inventory of skins available in Clash of Clans that a player can use on its particular Hero is ever-expanding, and in the case of the Grand Warden, the Dark Ages skin is the latest addition to the already impressive list. The Dark Warden looks similar to a mystic who lived sometime in medieval Europe, that is, in the said Dark Age. He wields a lantern and a manuscript with armour draped around his head. The skin will likely be available upon completing certain challenges.

3. April Clan War Leagues (April 1st to April 11th)

Clan Wars in Clash of Clans

Image via Supercell

The Clan War League was introduced in order to bring in a more engaging format of Clan Wars in which a clan can participate in a monthly event where they compete with other clans of similar level in order to determine who comes out on top. Each League consists of seven clans pitted against each other and rewards are granted according to the final position of a clan after the event ends.

4. Super Archer, Balloon, Dragon(April 10th to April 14th)

Super Archer

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans players are by this time familiar with events that focus on specific troops as the star of the show in attacks. That is the case for the first set of troop challenges in April where the game will focus on Super Archers, Balloons, and Dragons and there will be challenges surrounding them. By completing the said challenges, players will be able to earn rewards and resources that they can utilize in the game.

5. One Gem resource boost

Resource boost, Elixir boost

Image via Supercell

The one Gem resource boost is one of the if not the best value for Gems that one could get from spending the much-coveted resource in the game. For the duration of this event, players will be able to boost each resource-generating building such as the Mines and the Collectors for the cost of just one gem. The time of the boost varies according to the wishes of those at Supercell.

6. Dark Ages Queen challenge (April 14th to April 23)

Archer Queen

Image via Supercell

Like the Dark Warden skin for the Grand Warden, the Archer Queen is getting a skin in the name of herself as well, namely, the Dark Ages Queen. The Dark Ages Queen has the looks of a medieval European warrior from the Dark Ages. She has golden headgear and wears a tunic with her characteristic bow as her weapon.

7. Super Bowler, Goblin, Hog Rider event (April 17th to April 21st)

Super Bowler

Image via Supercell

The second set of troop challenges for the month of April, that is, the current month will feature Super Bowler, Goblins, and Hog Riders as the star troops for the said challenge. Upon using those troops to complete said challenges, players will be rewarded accordingly with utilities and such. You may check the complete list of Super Troops in Clash of Clans.

8. One Gem army boost (April 20th to April 23rd)

One gem army boost

Image via Supercell

The one Gem army boost is similar to the one Gem resource boost, except for the fact that this is effective on the production of troops instead of resources. Once this boost is activated for just one Gem per barrack, the speed of the production of troops is increased by four times the normal speed and thus enables the player to carry out more attacks in a short span of time.

9. Clan Games (April 22nd to April 28th)

Clan games

Image via Supercell

Available to those players who have a level 6 Town Hall or one that exceeds that, the Clan Games is an event where players in a Clan can collect points and rewards as a collective force. In this event, Clans and its members are assigned specific tasks and challenges which when completed grant points to the players involved, and they can in turn earn rewards from their event.

10. Sneaky Goblin, Barbarian, Minion event (April 26th to April 30th)

Sneaky Goblin

Image via Supercell

The third and final set of troop challenges in the month of April, this event will feature the Sneaky Goblin, Barbarian, and Minion. Just like the previous two sets of troop challenges, players will be assigned tasks which when completed will grant resources and other rewards to the players who will participate in this event.

11. Double star bonus (April 27th to April 30th)

Star bonus event

Image via Supercell

In the Double Star Bonus event, players will be able to get bonus stars for every attack they do, and for every star they gain by attacking an opponent’s base. Everytime a player earns the set number of stars, they will be granted a specified amount of resources, those being, Dark Elixir, Elixir, and Gold. Not to mention those are plentiful as well.


So that is all for all the events that are due in Clash of Clans in the month of April 2023. The events are varied and if the players focus a bit of their attention on them, there is a lot to gain, including a vast amount of resources, besides other material. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for all there is to come.

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