Clash of Clans brings back the Hammer Jam event 2022 ahead of the October update

The Clash Fest is over along with the World Finals of Clash of Clans. During the fest, a lot of items like upgrades and skins were added to the game. Recently, Supercell announced the Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2022 event. The developers are offering 50% off on all Home Village building and upgrade costs along with introducing the Hammer Jam Pack in the Store.

A trailer was also released on social media handles along with the announcement. In the trailer, it can be seen that various characters from the game are trying to wake up the builder from sleep as all of them are excited and hyped to get to work.

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Hammer Jam event 2022 is back to Clash of Clans in all its glory

The Hammer Jam event has been held since 2018. One of the most popular events in Clash of Clans because of the low-cost upgrades. Players get to upgrade buildings using the in-game currency by half. One of the biggest advantages is the reduced time for constructing and finishing upgrades. The whole event becomes a festival in itself as millions of players from around the world try to buy the in-game upgrades and items.

Hammer Jam Packs to be available for a limited time

The developers have added a total of five Hammer Jam Packs to the game in 2022. All these packs will be available for about four days. There are three 5X value packs, one 6X value pack, and one 9X value pack. The 5X value pack which costs $22 has 20000000 Gold20000000 Elixir1 Book of Building that allows players to finish any building upgrade timer, and 2 Builder Potions which allows the builders to work 10 times faster for an hour.

Hammer Jam Packs Clash of Clans

Image via Supercell

There is another 5X value pack which costs $11 and upon purchase will give players 200000 Dark Elixir, and 1 Book of Everything to instantly finish any upgrade timer. The third 5X value pack is cheaper than the other two and costs $5.

This pack consists of 1 Rune of Gold which will completely fill your Gold Storage and 2 Resource Potion which will boost your resource collector efficiency for a day. The 6X value pack costs $3 and will give players 5 Builder Potions to boost their builders 10 times for an hour.

The final pack which is the 9X value pack costs $1 and will give you 3 Research Potion which will make your Laboratories 24 times faster for an hour and 3 Training Potion which will increase the efficiency of Barracks, Spell Factories, Workshop and Hero regeneration for one hour. All in all these The Hammer Jam Packs are quite economical and are filled with items that are essential for your base. So, hurry up and purchase according to your needs before time runs out.

The Hammer Jam could announce the arrival of a major update

The Hammer Jam event has become something of a tradition ever since it was introduced in the year 2018. The event typically precedes the release of a major update. The Hammer Jam event is highly popular among Clash of Clans players as it lowers the cost required to upgrade buildings by half. But the bigger question is, what sort of update will follow Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2022 this time?

The Town Hall update is arguably the biggest regular update for Clash of Clans and there is mounting speculation as to whether it could follow the Hammer Jam event. Meanwhile, Supercell has already started announcing upcoming changes that will arrive with the October 2022 update. Whether the update would introduce a new hero into the game is doubtful but fans remain hopeful that big things are on the way.

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