Clash of Clans celebrates its 10th anniversary with Flashback challenges, Pixel hero skins and more

Clash of Clans, one of the world-famous titles of Supercell, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this August 2022 with new rewards. The company announced some special rewards for the players who are a part of this achievement and as a token of thanks for being with them for a long time. So, what do they have to offer this time? Let’s dive in and find out the details of the Clash of Clans’ 10th anniversary.

Supercell has introduced a new village scenery and Pixel hero skins

Clash of Clans 10th anniversary

Image via Supercell

With the 10th anniversary underneath, Supercell has unveiled a new main village scenery. The scenery seems different than what was offered before and does give different vibes. The new scenery, combined with different small details, surrounding rocks, and a waterfall, has been reported by the players as something awesome and a perfect gift for the anniversary event. The new scenery will be free for everyone in the season pass.

Clash of Clans 10th anniversary

Clash of Clans 10th-anniversary rewards (Image via Supercell)

But it doesn’t end there. There are Pixel Hero Skins for the troops. This pixel theme gives a different vibe than what is usually seen in the game. However, only the Pixel Barbarian Skin is obtainable free-to-play from the monthly challenges. The rest of the skins, such as Pixel Warden, Pixel Queen, and Pixel Royal Champion are present in the in-game shop. Besides this, Supercell has also introduced a Flashback event.

Flashback challenges celebrate the past 10 years of Clash Of Clans

The Flashback event comprises the different town halls and troops Clash Of Clans had introduced in the past 10 years. The Flashback event gives players different challenges that open every day. The rewards of the event are given as Stars.

10 years of Clash challenges

Clash of Clans 10th-anniversary Flashback challenges rewards (Image via Supercell)

The more the number of challenges completed, the more stars are awarded. Overall, with all these rewards for the players by Supercell, players are amazed. Some players have expressed themselves overwhelmed because of the notorious microtransaction practice of the same creator but in different titles.

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