COD Mobile Epic soldier: Here’s how to get them for free

Activision has launched the latest battle royale of Call of Duty. It’s called Warzone. It is not the only move of the game company. The mobile version of the game also has some changes. In it, some Epic soldiers in COD Mobile are given away for free. They are Ghost – Stealth, Captain Price and Gaz.

cod mobile epic soldier

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In this article, we will illustrate how to get one of the COD Mobile Epic soldiers for free.

Step 1 to get free COD Mobile Epic soldier: Link you Call of Duty account in COD Mobile

COD Mobile Epic soldier

First, you need to link the Call of Duty account in your Call of Duty Mobile account. You can do that from ‘Settings’ and then see ‘Account, Login Options, and Friends’.

Step 2: Get Call of Duty Warzone on the platform of your choice

So you need to get the new Call of Duty Warzone if you have not got already. It can be in any of the platforms. It can be Xbox 360 or PlayStation or PC. The game is completely free. For the players who already own Call of Duty Modern Warfare the update is of 25GB. And who is downloading Call of Duty Warzone for the first time, the game size can be close to 100GB.

Step 3: Log in to Call of Duty with the same account

COD Mobile Epic soldier
Now login to your Call of Duty warzone game with the same account that you have linked with Call of Duty Mobile.

Step 4: Wait for the exchange coins to get COD Mobile Epic soldier

With the successful completion of the previous steps, players will receive free exchange coins within 72 hours in their COD Mobile inbox.

Step 5: Exchange coins to get COD Mobile Epic soldier

After you receive the coins, go to the ongoing event: Task Force 141 – Warzone. And there you can exchange the coins to grab any of these epic soldiers of your choice.

Please make sure to complete all the steps before March 23, 2020. Otherwise, the event will be over.