COD Mobile on PC: Battle Royale Tips and Tricks to win every match easily

The Battle Royale mode in Call Of Duty Mobile is a 20-minute match that lets up to 100 players play on a single large map. Players use weapons and items to improve their chances of killing other teams while staying alive themselves. However, the most important thing in this mode is to be able to hold back and focus on your tactics. In a gunfight, even a single mistake can come back to haunt you and you’ll get taken down before you know it. That’s why it’s always important to keep some tips and tricks in mind. So we’ve got you covered with these tips and tricks that you can follow to enhance your gameplay altogether and also to win matches easily in the Battle Royale mode in COD Mobile. However, before jumping into these COD Mobile battle royale tips and tricks, we want you to know that these points are in no particular order and each one of them is something you want to follow if you want to survive and thrive in the game.

Best tips and tricks to win matches in COD Mobile Battle Royale

1. Understand your Territory very well

Having knowledge of every location on the ISOLATED map you’re dropping into and knowing where key locations are is very important to win matches in COD Mobile. This can obviously be learned and memorized as you play more and more matches. However, studying the map beforehand can really help you to survive and win the matches with your squad.

COD Mobile Battle Royale tips

Always keep a layout of the map stored in your mind to know all the whereabouts of every location, enhancing your gameplay

Also, certain areas have higher loot as compared to others (generally marked as Orange in the minimap) and sometimes other areas have more players dropping in at once. So having intel about where you’re doing in and the general terrain of the locations can help determine what you should do to enhance your gameplay.

2. Communication is key in every match

This of course only applies if you’re playing in squads and is a common tip in most online games. However, at times even the best of players seem to not want to co-operate and go off on their own. But remember, you have to be there for your team so that you can cover each other’s backs.

It becomes way harder to win when your entire squad is separated and playing with their own agenda in mind. The obvious way to go about it is using voice chat or the quick text chat but even marking enemies, guns, vests, marking the place you’re headed to and other basic inputs can make all the difference.

3. Sharing is caring with your teammates

Sharing resources with your squadmates is another stepping stone towards winning the game. Pointing out good guns and vests, and dropping health items to those who need them can end up helping you out later if you need them during the endgame.

COD Mobile Battle Royale tipsShare Items with your teammates to have a good fight altogether in every match you play

It’s better to share your adrenaline/first aid/hemostatics if you have plenty of it so that all of your teammates have extra health than hoard all the adrenaline for yourself so that your entire squad can efficiently eliminate enemies without having to worry about their health or their fellow teammates going down.

4. Always Customize the HUD according to your gameplay

The last thing you want to do in a gunfight is clicked on the snowboard instead of the fire button. That’s why moving around the buttons so nothing gets in anything else’s way is important. Depending on your HUD you can have better visibility, better maneuverability, or land the first shot.

COD Mobile Battle Royale tipsCustomize your HUD according to the setup you are playing the match in COD Mobile

Also, while depending on how many fingers you use, rough HUDs can be copied from others but it’s not really a one size fits all type of deal since there’s a bunch of factors to be taken into account so experiment and figure out what’s best for you. Having an efficient HUD can really get you through intense gunfights.

5. Divide your preparation into three stages of the matches

The three stages of preparation are for the early game period, the mid-game period, and the end-game period. During the early game period, get the best guns you can and gather ammo, grenades, health items, etc. During the mid-game period, go out further to get to airdrops and get better vests, adrenaline, and custom loadouts.

The end-game period is for prepping up to face off against the enemy players who’ve fought and made it to the final few circles. You want to keep your health up and have the best of guns available while also being really alert.

6. Custom Loadouts are crucial

In the Battle Royale loadout, you have to select the best guns in the game that you’re good with and then get them later from the airdrop. You can follow our COD Mobile Guns tier list along with these battle royale tips and tricks which are updated every season in COD Mobile. This will keep you updated with the latest stats of every gun in the end helping you choose the better.

COD Mobile Battle Royale tipsChoose from a wide variety of weapons and select them with your best attachments to collect them through airdrops

However, since you can only get one custom gun per airdrop though, getting the right gun is essential. The ideal loadout includes at least one for SMG and/or Assault rifle which can also supplement any shotguns or snipers if you choose to use them. Custom loadouts can be much better than ground loot however, what works in Multiplayer might not work in Battle royale.

7. Rushing into a fight everytime is not the only way to survive

At times, you might just have to back off and run away from a fight if you’re not prepared enough. A snowboard or a zippy vehicle is the best way to do this. Once you’re back up and ready to fight, you can go back to finish things. Rushing into a gunfight with a squad while being alone might not go your way.

On the contrary, deciding to tough it out might just end up with you winning and having a fun and intense experience. The decision really comes down to observing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy/enemies while also taking your own status into consideration.

8. Avoid swimming or staying in vehicles with low health

One of the most vulnerable conditions you can be in is while you’re swimming. You can only hip fire and enemies on the ground can pick you off easily. The other time you’ll be put into a compromising situation is if the vehicle you’re in has low health. It doesn’t take too many rounds to create an explosion that will knock you out and bailing out gives you a chance to fight.

9. Always keep moving along with taking covers occasionally

Unless you’re in a safe location, you have to stay on the move or be behind cover at some points. Snipers and other people close enough can easily take you down if you’re just standing around in the open and the best way to do this is either with erratic movements or taking cover.

Usually, you can hear a sniper near you because of the cough of their rifle. Even in a close-quarter or mid-range gunfight moving around to avoid getting hit can help. However, the worst thing you can do besides just starting straight up is to go prone without any cover.

10. Select your class wisely

The Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile has a bunch of classes you can choose from at the beginning of the game. It can be something defensive like the Transform Shield, something aggressive like the K9 Unit or the aerial attack, or a support class like medic or airborne. The class you are choosing depends on your playing style and it can make all the difference in a gunfight.

COD Mobile Battle Royale tipsChoose tour classes wisely to enhance your gameplay in every match you play

The perfect class can also be used to disorient your enemies or make them panic. New classes are added every once in a while and experimenting with the different classes is the best way to figure out what works for you. Always have a second favorite though since at times your teammates might pick the class you want before you.

11. Select your Mods wisely

Just like selecting the right guns and class is important, selecting the right mods can give you an extra advantage. Mods are available as ground loot and here’s a list of them along with a short description and the weapon types they work best with. Note that just like guns, mods have varying levels of rarity, and the rarer the mod, the better it is. Here are the mods available currently in the game

  • Longshot Mods: Increase weapon range (Snipers, ARs, SMGs, Shotguns)
  • Extend Mods: Increase firearm’s ammo capacity and decrease reload times (Snipers, ARs, SMG, Shotguns)
  • Dense Fire Mods: Increase accuracy by reducing bullet spread (ARs and SMGs)
  • Muffled Mods: Reduce sound of gunfire and hides the location of gunfire on the mini-map. (Snipers)
  • Stabilizer Mods: Reduces recoil and improves flinch stability so that even while getting hit your shots are on point. (ARs and SMGs)
  • Runner Mods: Temporarily increase movement speed after exiting ADS mode. (Snipers, ARs, SMGs)
  • Void Mods: Similar to Extend Mods, increases ammo capacity and decreases reload time. However, it also gets rid of any remaining ammo left in the magazine. (ARs and SMGs)
  • QRF Mods: Increases weapon accuracy when firing at an enemy (ARs and SMGs)

12. Push your enemies to give them a tough fight

One of the best ways to win a gunfight is to get your opponent into the position you want them to be. Pushing them with no way to escape is a way to get them to panic and make mistakes. Often when under stress or pressure, we develop tunnel vision, and using this to your advantage is the way to go. For this, you can take help from your teammates to attack from multiple angles or even a K9 Unit to distract them.

13. Use your tactical and lethal equipment

COD Mobile Battle Royale tipsUse Tactical and lethal equipment to fend off enemies in COD Mobile

Tactical items like smoke grenades can help create some cover while lethal items like cluster grenades can cause havoc and flee enemy campers out of their hiding place. Often, players forget that they have grenades at all and rush into gunfights without thinking about creating a cover or clearing out a building with their tactical and lethal equipment.

14. Draw enemies out by giving them a hefty bait

Let’s say you knock out an opponent. Now you could either end them or use them to your advantage since if their squadmates are close by they might come to drop by to revive them. What to do after that is obvious. This tip works best for snipers and high traffic areas like airdrops are especially the best hunting grounds.

15. Use your game knowledge to grab more and more wins

The best way to win is to constantly strategize and register your environment and fighting conditions in your mind. Keeping in mind where a getaway vehicle is or where the nearest cover is can really be the difference between winning and losing. Being calm and collected and not panicking allows for a clear thinking process.

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