COD Warzone Mobile limited release launches in Sweden, Chile, and Norway

After the official announcement made by the Activision team that the COD Warzone Mobile limited release will not be available in more prominent countries for evaluation, one new region has been added. As per the latest news, the COD Warzone Mobile limited release has been launched in Sweden, where players from this region can download and play. As of March 24, the game is live in Chile and Norway as well.

Sweden gets added to the list of limited-release regions

The limited release began with Australia being the first and now Sweden has been announced as the next region followed by Chile and Norway where players will be able to participate. Players can access and play the game via VPN, but if you are from a distant region, the game will experience stability issues and you will not have an engaging gameplay experience.

COD Warzone Mobile limited release

Image via Activision

As a result, the developers have asked the players to be patient and keep an eye out for future updates. However, we do know that the limited release will exclude countries with a big audience such as the United States and India because they want to test the game and ensure that everything works properly and that the product is similar to what they wanted before releasing it to the rest of the world.

Two Battle Royale modes will be included in the Limited Edition

Even though the Limited Release is a work-in-progress version for the team to check on certain stuff, they have made sure that the players do not miss out on the content the game will offer upon release. The list of content and features available in the limited release is as follows.

  • Two Battle Royale Modes: Quads grouping in 20-minute matches and Duos division in 10-minute matches.
  • Two Multiplayer playlists on two different maps: Deathmatch in teams (6v6), and Possession (6v6) with Maps of the Scrapyard and Supermarket.
  • Social Features: Party, Voice Chat, Channels, and Friend List.
  • Others: Missions, Challenges, Battle Pass, Player Level, Weapon Progress, and Shared Progression features across Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.
COD Warzone Mobile pre-registrations

Image via Activision

Apart from Sweden, Chile, and Norway, the news about other limited-release regions hasn’t been given yet. So, we shall have to wait for the updates from the makers. Until then, the rest of the players can pre-register on Android through Google Play.

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