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Cyber Hunter tricks Cyber Hunter is a Battle Royale game on mobile made by Netease. As we all know, Netease is also the producer of Rules of Survival and Knives out. So, there is no doubt that the company has plenty of experiences of making such games and Cyber Hunter does reach our expectation. The game combines some features of existed battle royale games and makes great innovations.


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Best Rifle in Cyber Hunter

As a battle royale game, you have to kill to be the last one survival, so it’s vital to pick a suitable weapon in the game. Due to the multi-functional feature, assault rifles play an important role in almost every battle royale game. From PUBG to Apex Legends, a good rifle is always the guarantee of victory. So, which rifle is the best in Cyber Hunter? There are 6 rifles in Cyber Hunter: Rifles in Cyber Hunter Obviously, Cyber Hunter official has divided these 6 rifles into 3 classes: Basic, Advanced and Rare Advanced. Only judged by name, basic rifles are weapons for the first stage. Once you survive the first battle, you need something better. Among three advanced rifles, Crusader is hardest to be found. The gun is only delivered with airdrop. Although it has great performance, sometimes it’s way better using the other two instead.

Drake Buster is the best

Cyber Hunter on PC Yes, compared with Son of the Sky, Drake Buster is the winner. Actually, the comparison between them is like the comparison of a 5.56 rifle with a 7.62 rifle in PUBG. Both kinds of guns have their own supporters and in some way, it’s just personal preference. But here in Cyber Hunter, a mobile game, a gun with more capacity of the magazine and lower recoil is obviously better. Although Son of the sky is more powerful, it is really hard to control it. A bullet cannot cause damage once it misses.

Tips and tricks for beginners in Cyber Hunter

1. Your Usual Battle Royale Rules Apply Here

If you are a player of PUBG mobile, Apex Legends, Free Fire, etc, you will find easy to get used to the battleground of Cyber Hunter. In the game, you need to loot, move to the safe area and kill every hostile in your way. Use different combinations of weapons to combat with different enemies.

2. Automatic shooting is the best

Like other shooting games, it is hard to shoot accurately. Luckily, Cyber Hunter has the feature of automatic shooting. Don’t hesitate to use this feature if you are not confident with your aiming skills. The program will help you out. Do not stay still and aim, try to hit and run.


Most people don’t know this, especially the beginner one. This games got a unique weapon ads on besides the usual scopes 2x, 4x, and so on which is called e-Cores. The e-Cores is an ads on that you can find in the game which are able to give you additional power to your weapon. For example, you can slow your enemies, heal yourself, stun them and even give you a more basic power up like reload time shortened and bullet speed increase or so on. This e-Cores can usually be found at the gift drops or in a chest.

4. Use an emulator

MEmu Android Emulator helps you to play Cyber Hunter on PC. Here are the steps: 

Step by step to play Cyber Hunter on PC

  1. We highly recommend playing Cyber Hunter on PC using MEmu Android emulator. If you haven’t downloaded already, please install it here.
  2. Then you can download the game from Google Play. Alternatively, if you would like to directly install the APK offline file, you can download it from third-party download sites like Apkpure.
  3. Install Cyber Hunter from Google Play in MEmu Android Emulator is straight-forward. Alternatively, you can also click APK button on MEmu side toolbar to install  APK offline file on your PC pretty easy.
  4. Once installed, the icon of the game will show up on MEmu home screen. Simply click the icon to launch this game then it and the then it begins to download game resources.
  5. Finally, you will able to play Cyber Hunter on your computer!

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