Dislyte on PC: The complete Reroll guide and tips with MEmu

Dislyte is a music-themed urban RPG game published on the Global scene by Lilith Games. The game has amazing visuals for both its characters and animations with the cherry on top being the phenomenal music. The game features a fairly sophisticated battle system with strategic elements along with various game modes, which makes the need for good characters at the start quite important. Here’s our Dislyte rerolling guide to getting good characters from the start.

Download Dislyte on PC

How to reroll on an Emulator for Dislyte

Emulators are easily the best tools for rerolling, you can use MEmu emulator. To start with rerolling on Emulators, follow these steps:

  • Install the game on any one instance, preferably on a 64-bit instance installation.
  • Don’t open the game after installation, first make clones of it, the number of clones that can be made depends on the device specifications.
  • Use either of the two methods mentioned above and configure the emulator accordingly. The second method will not require multiple instances however the first one will need those.
  • Open the cloned instances and then accumulate the pull changes each day. Once you have enough amount of pull chances, do your pulls and see what you get, if it’s a failed attempt then start the cycle again otherwise continue.
  • Once you get the perfect account, bind it to any third-party account. You can even then use this account to play on your phone.

How to bind a game account in Dislyte

dislyte reroll bind
Image via Lilith Games

Navigate to the settings menu through the profile and from there, Services > Account Service. Here you will find three ways to bind your account. Select the most convenient one and bind your game account for easy account transfer and above all, you will not suffer any data loss.

Download Dislyte on PC

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