Download Wizard Legend: Fighting Master on PC with MEmu.

Chinese game developers and publishers Loongcheer Game recently announced that their mobile game, Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is now available for Android as an Early Access. The game is now on the Google Play beta track and the Google Play “Be the first to play” Collection. The release came after getting a lot of good reviews and feedback from the players. However, the app is still in development and the full version might see a release in 2021.

About Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a new Casual Roguelike shooting game with a bit of an action-magic theme added to it. It is developed and published by Loongcheer Game, known for their recent titles like Idle Defense II, Hero Summoner, etc. In the game, there are more than 50 magic skills and 5 magic elements to have experience with. The different combinations of magic skills will create different battle styles. Besides, the mass amount of artifacts with various effects will make the battle unlimited.


Wizard Legend: Fighting Master follows a storyline that is based on the Wizards themselves. The favorite food of the little wizard is all kinds of desserts. During the studies of magic, he found that the consumption of magic can be recovered by eating high-sugar desserts. However, the little wizard never worries about being fat.

But soon darkness in the fairytale comes via the introduction of the so-called Dessert Company, who emerged suddenly and began the Non-Vital Activation Experiments, which in result turned all the desserts into offensive monsters. The little wizard became very angry and decided to enter the Dessert Company to eliminate all the mutated desserts and found out the reason for the mutation.

Game Features

  • Start the adventure as a wizard which gives you roguelike shooting experience with magic skills.
  • Create your unique combination with the help of more than 50 skills with 5 elements.
  • Find random skills on the floors and keep the best in your magic book.
  • Collect and wait for a great chance to release powerful magic runes.
  • More than 100 magic artifacts with different functions.
  • Challenging boss fight and rank with glory.
  • Collect various magic cloak and magic book to defeat different enemies.

【How to Play Wizard Legend: Fighting Master on PC】

The instructions below will teach you how to easily play Wizard Legend: Fighting Master with MEmu.

Step 1: Download MEmu Android Emulator on your PC

Step 2: Search and Install Wizard Legend: Fighting Master from the Play Store

Step 3: Enjoy playing Wizard Legend: Fighting Master on PC with MEmu

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