Free Fire on PC upcoming events in May 2021: Everything you need to know

Free Fire, the popular Battle Royale game keeps rolling out fresh content for the players. The game introduces new events every month without fail, but, the month of May in Free Fire always brings special themed events like the Summer events, and this time another major event named the Ramadan event. These events bring free goodies to the game. So let’s know about details of all the upcoming May 2021 events in Free Fire and also about the new Diamond Royale.

Upcoming Free Fire events May 2021

Ramadan event

Ramadan event tease

Ramadan event brings a lot of goodies with a calendar full of events and missions. Ramadan events start from probably 4 May and extend till 14th May. Ramadan will definitely come in Vietnam, Singapore and Pakistan, and it will have 70℅ for India and Brazil (Note: There might be Ramadan events for other servers too, but dates are not out yet.) There will be many free items given to users. Some of them are: Free permanent or Temporary character, Free Magic Cube or Magic Cube in the shop and probably discount event for permanent gun skin (Hacker store.)

Summer event/Beach day event

Free Fire developers always bring Beach Day event/Summer event on 15 May. With many free goodies let’s know about items in details (items may come free or a paid event).

Male bundle


The upcoming summer male bundle is a five-piece item (Hat, vest, pants, face wear and footwear). These bundles will be rated as pink or rare. Male bundles may come in paid events e.g.: The faded wheel and the Lucky wheel (named as the Summer wheel). The main colour theme will be green, blue and pink ( can also be shades of colour). The minimum diamond needed for this bundle will be 1200 (in-game currency).

Female bundle


Garena loves giving users free female bundles in every major/big event. So the beach girl bundle will have a colour combination of green and purple with minor animations on the hat. This bundle can be obtained for free after completing 4-5 simple missions.

After knowing about both major events planned for many/every server, let’s know about the next 2 Diamond Royale and upcoming rank season rewards.

Upcoming Diamond Royale

Male bundle


Male bundle of diamond royale will appear after its female version. (approx. by 30th May this bundle will come in the royale section ). This bundle is inspired by netherworld incubator, with same animation on vest part but with add-on to the cowboy hat( user will also think this bundle is inspired by ghost rider but there is no confirmed collaboration till date, it may happen in future). The main color combination is red and black with minor animations like fire on pants and vest. This bundle will be ranked yellow or legendary.

Female bundle


The female bundle will appear in the diamond royale on 7th May 2021 exact. With key features of firey animation in pants and hair. Again this bundle is inspired by netherworld incubator. This bundle will be obtained after achieving 100% of luck in the royale section.

Rank Season rewards


With every rank season, Free Fire changes redeem stores. So, this time, the developers have thought to bring a female bundle in redeem store, and the bundle will have a heroic logo at the back with no animation. The main color combination will be red, white and black. The bundle will be ranked as pink or rare.

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