[Game Reviews] Fire Emblem Heroes

Like Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes is trying to be two very different things at the same time. With a dedicated Nintendo fan-base, it has a lot to live up to. Suggest you install FE Heroes from APK file in latest MEmu, then you can enjoy it on your PC as well.


The core of FE Heroes, as with every other Fire Emblem game, is its turn-based battles. You take turns moving units with your opponent on a 2D board, sort of like in chess; the goal is to wipe out the other side before they do the same to you.


Building out a variety of teams with different tactical specialties is satisfying, and while there are moments where it feels too easy, later chapters provide a welcome incline in difficulty. There were plenty of tense moments where I managed to scrape through a fight with one badly beaten soldier.


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