How to Recover MEmu VM

#How to recover your virtual machine in Android Emulator?#

If you want to recover from original vmdk file, please follow below steps. This is not recommended, but a repair method when you forget to backup properly with with ova file.

Let’s take MEmu_1 as an example.

1. Run MemuHyperv.exe with admin privilege (Where can I get it? Click here)

2. Click Add in MemuHyperv

3. Select MEmu_1.memu to add.

4. Click Settings for MEmu_1 and check the sequence of 3 disks. The correct sequence is “system(540MB) –> data(16GB) –> sdcard(32GB)”. If they are not in order, please remove and attach again. faq-reg-vm-8

5. Open MEmu Multiple Instances Manager and run MEmu_1. If you can not find MEmu_1 in it, please close all MEmu* processes in Windows Task Manager and open it again.

Note: If you still can not run MEmu_1 correctly or get below error message, faq-reg-vm-1

please make sure the two VM uuid strings in .MemuHyperv.xml and Memu.memu.xml are exactly same. In addition, double confirm the VM path in MemuHyperv.xml is correct.faq-reg-vm-2



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