Key-Mapping teaching

MEmu can always give players an excellent gaming experience, which not only depends on the performance and game compatibility of the simulator, but also on the comprehensive operating function – key mapping. And will introduce the functions and application scenarios of each module in the Key-Mapping.

1.  Click key

“Click” is the most commonly used module function. It supports custom editing keys, and the position of the keys can be adjusted according to the game scene.


2. Slide key

“Slide” mainly simulates the sliding operation on the screen, suitable for games such as parkour games and Fruit Ninja.


3. WASD mode

Use the keyboard to operate the character movement, you can customize the editing keys according to your preferences.


4. Move in the moba games

Use the right key to simulate character movement.


5. Aim and shoot

The shooting module is suitable for first-person shooter games, which truly restore PC games operations.


6. Skill attack

“Skill attack” is suitable for skill casting in moba games, and it can define keys based on feature options.


7. Free-Look

“Free-Look” is suitable for shooting games.


8. Repeat Touches

“Repeat Touches” is a more advanced click function, which simulates clicking on a designated position on the screen with a specific click frequency.


9. Cooperate

“Cooperate” is a more advanced click function, which will simulate a click when the key is pressed or released.


10.Advanced module

① Operation Recorder

Record the operation on the screen, when the key is activated, the recorded operation will be played.

② Macro

High degree of freedom mapping, you can edit the script, suitable for any scene.

③ Zoom

Activate the key to zoom in/out game screen area.

④ Expand Sight

Move the mouse to check the area outside the original sight, used in MOBA games.

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