Lineage W is set to launch globally on November 4

Lineage W, the upcoming MMORPG by NCSOFT, the South Korean developers, and publishers is all set to launch in key locations globally on the 4th of November, 2021. This information was revealed during the 2nd showcase of the game that was live-streamed yesterday. It also answered some big questions which players had about that game. The official website has also provided some information regarding the release.


Seamless Real-Time multiplayer battles

For those unaware, Lineage W is a brand-new title in the Lineage series that has been popular among gamers for the past 2 decades. Lineage W joins Lineage M and Lineage 2M as another mobile title in the series. It is based on the original Lineage game for the most part with enhanced gameplay, story, and visuals. Players can be a part of clans in their own country or join international clans as they work together to play the game. This was meant to be a step in a different direction for NCSOFT as the focus isn’t completely on their native country of South Korea where the games have gained massive popularity and fan following. Instead, the focus was on launching this game globally to a larger player base.

Lineage W: Pre-registration rewards

The game has already gotten over 10 million pre-registrations and players can now reserve their name on the server of their choice or pre-register. Pre-registration gifts include 100k Adrena, Red Knights’ Ring I, Red Knights’ Support chest, and an Enchant Scroll Chest, which can be obtained when the game actually does release.

Lineage W to go live in 2 different regions

For seamless real-time gameplay, the game is releasing in two different regions. Region 1 will get the game first and this includes the likes of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, the Middle East, and other South-Eastern countriesRegion 2 will get the service afterward and this includes the countries of North America, South America, and Europe. A third region might be added later.

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