MEmu 3.1.2 is Released!

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EDIT (2018-03-16): Android 5.1 is officially available in MEmu 5, please get it from official website!

Please visit to download the latest MEmu
md5: 2007422bdb84c12a05c4502a44deb288


Change Log:

  • Add support to maximum resolution 4096*4096
  • Add support to save multiple key mappings for each game
  • Add support to export file or APK from Android to Windows
  • Add support to compress disk and create desktop shortcut in Multi-MEmu
  • Add support to hardware-assisted decoding for video recorder
  • Improve key mapping for MOBA game (Penta/RoV/SoK/王者對決), like aim, cancel, etc.Improve graphic quality of Lineage II
  • Improve graphic memory recycling
  • Improve input method for east Asian languages
  • Fix some tiny bugs

– It might take a while to install if you have multiple instances to overwrite.
– Android 4.4 is the default rom and you need download Android 5.1 rom in Multi-MEMU.

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