MEmu 3.3.0 is Released!

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Please visit to download the latest MEmu 3.3.0
md5: 9e00078f7f36276d7d0650529c164ab0


Release note

MEmu App Player 3.3.0
– Add support to Google Play search
– Add support to DirectX mode (beta)
– Improve the efficency of OpenGL mode
– Improve the user interface of widget tool
– Improve the precision of key mapping for Realm of Valor, Penta Storm, Arena of Valor and 傳說對決
– Unlock the maximum core number of AMD CPU
– Fix the issue of occational start failure in Windows XP
– Fix the issue of occasional crash caused by IME
– Fix the issue of start error 80bb0007
– Fix the issue of video record without audio
– Fix the issue of mis-display some languages
– Fix some other tiny bugs


Here are some introduction to new functions of MEmu3.3

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