Meta World: My City is Netmarble’s new metaverse board game now available for Android on MEmu

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, announced Meta World: My City, a new metaverse board game featuring virtual real estate and building collection, has officially released worldwide (excluding some countries like China and Korea). Players can download the game by visiting the official website, Google Play, and App Store.

Let’s Get Rich, a hugely popular game that drew over 200 million players worldwide, has been sequeled with Meta World: My City. The game includes board game principles and gives players the chance to own virtual properties in the metaverse that are modeled after actual places like New York City. The game will be a component of the MBX gaming blockchain ecosystem, which MARBLEX recently unveiled.

Interact with other players and enjoy several games in Meta World: My City

There are plans for Meta World: My City to serve as a hub where players may discover fresh ways to engage with one another and take part in a variety of games in the metaverse. In order to launch the game within its ecosystem and open up possibilities for original metaverse content and experiences in the near future, Netmarble has also teamed with The Sandbox.

Meta World: My City pre-registration

Image via Netmarble

To commemorate the launch, a number of activities with a range of benefits are being held. The Arcade Game Center Structure Item, which would be awarded to the top board game players in the ranking, is one example of the virtual Meta World real estate that could be rewarded. Unranked players who have logged a particular amount of play time will have the opportunity to earn additional incentives.

Meta World: My City release

Image via Netmarble

Players who check in for seven days will also receive an Epic Character Summon Ticket per day. Via the Special Fortune Wheel, players will also have the opportunity to gain in-game goodies like Gold, Diamonds, and Champions League Tickets.

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