New features walk-through in MEmu 5.5

Here is a brief walk-through to new features in MEMU App Player 5.5

  1. In MEmu 5.5, you can import Android 7.1 Beta (MEmu71-Beta-0614.ova) with Multi-MEmu for a early trial. You can enjoy those new games which requires higher Android version like Dragon Ball Legends.
    Android 7.1.2.
  2. In MEmu 5.5, we add a fresh new keymapping panel on the right side. You can drag and drop any featured key into screen, even change transparency.
  3. In MEmu 5.5, we add support to bridged mode network besides NAT mode. You can change it in Network tab of System Setting. Default is NAT mode.
    bridged network
  4. In MEmu 5.5, VBOX kernel has been upgraded to new version. As a consequence, you have to download new MemuHyperV tool (64bit/32bit) if you need. In addition, you cannot override install back to MEmu 5.3. If you still want to go back to MEmu 5.3 or earlier after install MEmu 5.5, there are two ways:
    • Uninstall MEmu 5.5 and fresh install MEmu 5.3 or earlier versions.
    • Override install MEmu 5.3 and run Downgrade Repair tool.

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