Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC: Beginners Guide and Tips on MEmu

Princess Connect Re: Dive has already been out in Japan for a few years now, and finally is released globally for everyone. Now to get things started this RPG has a cute cast of characters, voice acted-dialogues, animated cut scenes, and beautiful CG, has in-depth stories about different charterers and their interaction with each other. In terms of gacha mechanics, it is very generous, you can easily get so many jewels without dropping a single dime in the game, there are events every month with fresh content. So today in this Princess Connect Re Dive Beginners Guide, we will be diving into some tips and discuss some basic strategies to help you out when it comes to playing this game.

Getting Started


Here you can view the main story quest progress, some cut scenes as well as more information about your waifus. Character portion is very important as you increase bond level with characters you gain some stat bonus for different characters, so try to max out affection as higher the bond level higher the stat increase and you also gain some jewels for viewing the story.

Improving Characters

At the very beginning, you should focus on 5 characters and work from there, choosing a unit for their fixed role is the way to go, before you unlock the princess arena most of the content requires 5-8 units.

The core team needs to fully level up and ranked up to clear story stages and battle arena. You should first focus on at least 1-2 supports, 2 tanks, 2 physical and magic DPS, and 1 AOE healing unit. All units do not need to be fully maxed out less powerful units can use whatever you have. In this Princess Connect Re Dive Guide, we will share all the tips on how to improve and rank up your characters with the best equipment.


These are the various shops to use your coins and amultes to buy memory shards and never buy equipment no matter how desperate you are.


You can roll gacha for jewels in hopes of getting your favorite characters. Now there is a normal gacha which give free equipment 2 times every day don’t forget to claim them. Then we have premium and focus where you roll for characters, in focus gacha we have a featured character that has increased summoning rate as compared to other units in that pool. Premium has the standard 3-star units with the same summoning rate.

This game has a spark system and each pull will give you 1 Character Exchange Point, You can use 300 Point to trade for 1 of the Featured Characters in the Banner.

Strongest 1 star character


She is easily one of the top-tier units for nearly all game modes except clan battles, her abilities include magic negating barrier, healing, and TP boost makes her one of the best units to invest in from the early days.


One of the best team healing units and is recommended to ascend her to 2 stars to really feel her power, her healing scales with magic power.


She’s a good physical tank with self-healing capability but falls off later as compared to Miyako but if you were not lucky enough to roll tanks like Nozomi, Zun, or Miyako then she’s good to invest in during the early days.

Strongest 2 star characters


She is the best physical tank in the early game, her abilities include invisibility for some time and self-heal. She is recommended to be used for nearly all game modes.


Another great unit to wipe off magic attacker units like Hatsune, she will always target magic units who have the highest attack even if they are in the backline. Very useful in the arena and she’s good to invest in.

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