Reverse: 1999 is an upcoming strategic RPG now available for pre-registrations

The highly anticipated 20th-century turn-based tactical role-playing game Reverse: 1999 is getting ready for a full global launch in the coming months, with the release date to be announced soon. Moreover, Reverse: 1999 has opened pre-registrations for Android and iOS devices which follows a successful Closed Beta Test. Reverse: 1999 is fully cross-play compatible with Android and iOS devices and is fully voiced in English with a variety of regional dialects and accents.

Set across the 20th century, Reverse: 1999 is a narrative-driven time-travel adventure RPG

Reverse: 1999 is a story-driven time-travel adventure RPG that is set during the 20th century. Starting on December 31, 1999, a phenomenon known as the “Storm” has been rewriting the course of human history. Play as Verin, the Timekeeper—the only person immune to the Storm’s power—and get ready for a fast-paced journey through a weird alternate history filled with recognizable events that have been distorted by magic and mystery.

A sizable ensemble of characters that are all fully voiced in English and have a variety of regional accents and dialects from different time periods are featured. A morally dubious magical researcher, an urban ghost hunter, an animated scarecrow, a sapient radio, and other unusual beings will join your effort to save the timeline. Gather your arcanists and engage in turn-based tactical combat against otherworldly monsters, hostile groups, and more.

Reverse: 1999 pre-registrations

Image via Bluepoch

When Reverse: 1999 opens later this year, pre-registered players may anticipate an incredible journey through time. Be ready to experience the sounds and sights of the 20th century and interact with some remarkable eccentrics.

When Reverse: 1999 opens later this year, all pre-registered players will receive a ton of in-game benefits, with bigger, better prizes unlocked as more players sign up, including the 5-star character Matilda. Currently, Little Nightmares is available for pre-registration.

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