Windbg tool usage tutorial

During use, sometimes players will encounter situations where the simulator crashes, black screens or stops running.

  • The simulator crashes, such as the disappearance of the simulator window, MEmu.exe stops running, etc.: It is likely that the MEmu.exe process crashes
  • With a black screen on the simulator, a “core process ended” prompt box appears, or MEmuHeadless.exe stops running, etc.: big The probability is that the MEmuHeadless.exe process crashes.

In these cases, you need to use the Windbg tool to grab the error log.

Specific usage method

Windbg tool is a powerful assistant for analyzing Windows program crashes.

1. Install windbg tool.

  • If you analyze MEmu.exe crash and crash, install 32-bit windbg tool.
  • If you analyze MEmuHeadless.exe crash and crash, install it according to your own computer operating system (64-bit operating system installs 64-bit tool, 32-bit Operating system installation 32-bit tool)

Download link;

64-bit tool

32-bit tool

2. Activate the windbg tool

Activate the tool through the cmd command (you need to start the cmd command with administrator privileges)

Open the menu bar and enter cmd, right-click the program and select Run as administrator.

If it is a Win7 system:

Please open the C:\Windows\System32 path, search cmd in the search box, right-click and select.

After opening successfully, enter (don’t miss the quotation marks):

64 bit: “C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x64)\windbg.exe” -I

32 bit: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\windbg.exe” -I

The figure shows a 32-bit command. Copy the command and press Enter. After the installation is successful, it will prompt: Windbg was successfully installed as the default postmorterm debugger!

3. Use windbg tool

When the simulator crashes again, the windbg tool will automatically pop up the analysis window, you need to enter in the input box of the pop-up window: !analyze -v

Report all output logs after entering this command to the editor.

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