World of Dragons Nest Classes: Basic introduction

This launch of World of Dragon Nest marks it as the first Open World MMORPG for the Dragon NestIP. With MEmu, you can even play World of Dragon Nest on PC to experience the best performance and control. But after that, you need some more knowledge like World of Dragon Nest Classes to fight the PVE battles easier.

The game was launched on Jan.8, 2020. After a few maintenances, the game is now stable, new servers are created and one can easily login. Now, have you decided which class you will play? Fret not, you can get a quick introduction to the classes available in World of Dragon Nest at launch. See if you like something, or maybe you’d prefer to jump right into the game!

Classes in World of Dragon Nest

  • Archer
    • A cold hunter with sharp eyes, vigilance, neat and high sensory sensitivity.
    • Specializes in Critical Hit Chance, most powerful healing

World of Dragon nest archer

    • Weapons of Archers:
      • Long Bow
      • Cross Bow
  • Cleric
    • The cold aristocratic noble priest.
    • Best in applying debuffs, can withstand the most damage

world of dragon nest cleric

  • Slayer(My favorite among classes in World of Dragon Nest)
    • Slayer is capable of swift and deadly attack with Dual Blades. When in the battlefield, Slayer will become a merciless opponent of the enemies.
    • Inflicts Bleeding on enemies, and grants blood draining effects for the party

world of dragon nest slayer

  • Sorceress
    • An ambitious sorceress who sees to reach the highest position.
    • Decreases skill cooldowns with normal attacks, and can also decrease party member cooldowns
  • Warrior
    • An adventurer who is full of dreams and hope. Loves justice.
    • Can apply the most damage debuffs, the best at protecting the party

That is a brief introduction of Classes of World of Dragon Nest, have you found your favorite? Stop thinking, start playing! Download World of Dragon Nest on PC with MEmu!