Zenless Zone Zero Global Launch Livestream: changes, rewards, and more

HoYoverse has recently revealed exciting details during their livestream for the upcoming urban fantasy action RPGZenless Zone Zero. Ahead of its highly anticipated global launch on July 4th at 10:00 AM (UTC+8), HoYoverse shared the latest game content through its Version 1.0 Zenless Zone Zero Global Launch Livestream.

The Zenless Zone Zero Global Launch Livestream reveal included brand-new plot content set in New Eridu and new playable agents.

Zenless Zone Zero employs open-world exploration with a new area

If you are looking for a better experience in exploration, Zenless Zone Zero has you covered. The game is dedicated to continuously enhancing gameplay for Proxies. In the global release version, you can not only stroll through Sixth Street but also freely explore a broader urban district—Lumina Square. While wandering around the city, you might encounter Bangboo needing help, discover hidden Cargo Trucks with various rewards, and uncover many more surprises.

Zenless Zone Zero new area

Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, Scott Outpost, which overlooks the massive Hollow Zero, serves as another operational base for explorers wishing to challenge themselves and defeat terrifying enemies in Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense. To expand its services, Random Play has opened a second floor where you can relax, play music, or customize your photo walls. With these significant area updates, the urban culture of New Eridu comes to life like never before.

Zenless Zone Zero brings new playable agents with the global launch

Zenless Zone Zero brings exciting new playable agents to enhance your experience. Beyond the area updates, you will be able to unlock Chapter 2-Interlude, where Officer Zhu Yuan makes her official debut, and Chapter 3 of the main story, where the members of Victoria Housekeeping reveal their true colors. Additionally, you can add Lucy and Piper, new characters from the Sons of Calydon, to your squad as playable Agents. More newly-designed Bangboo will also be ready to accompany you into combat.

Zenless Zone Zero new agents

Image via HoYoverse

In Version 1.0, you can set your preferred Bangboo for Signal Search in advance to ensure you obtain your desired S-Rank Bangboo. This means you can tailor your combat experience even further to suit your playstyle. With these updates, Zenless Zone Zero not only expands its world but also enriches your journey with a host of new characters and features, bringing the urban fantasy of New Eridu to life in unprecedented ways.

Zenless Zone Zero Global Launch rewards

Zenless Zone Zero has prepared generous in-game rewards to enhance your experience in anticipating its global launch with the Zenless Zone Zero Global Launch Livestream. You can earn up to 1600 Polychromes70 Master Tapes20 Encrypted Master Tapes, and 80 Boopons. To obtain all these rewards, you simply need to advance your in-game progress, participate in global launch events, and take part in various time-limited in-game events.

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha

Image via HoYoverse

Some of these exciting events include Friendship Supervision and Watch Your Step, offering you numerous opportunities to earn valuable rewards. With these bonuses, Zenless Zone Zero is making sure you start your journey well-equipped and ready for the challenges ahead. Dive into the game, explore the new features, and enjoy the special launch rewards as you experience the urban fantasy world of New Eridu.

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