Among Us PC Top 20 Tips for Impostors and Crewmates

Among Us, an undiscovered gem has been in the dirt for some time. But with the introduction of streamers like XQC popularizing the game the count of players quickly fired up. So you gathered a bunch of buddies and loaded up your first ‘Among Us’ game – we’re here to make sure you win every game with our ‘Among Us top 20 tips!’

The list is divided into two parts: Advice on being the impostor and advice on becoming a crewmate.


Top 10 Impostors Tips in Among Us

It’s your job as an impostor to trick people into thinking that you are one of them and secretly killing crewmates. Looking busy, you do this by faking tasks. Throwing accusations around and attempting to lay low on other people’s suspicions. All this while keeping a strong defense to back up your corner as well.

Lock Doors Before You Kill

Doors to the Impostor can be locked on the sabotage screen

Sabotage is the best friend to impostors. Step into a room that looks like you’re doing a job. Then when someone comes along with you to join. Lock them in, and remove them. Before venting/getting out and looking for a logical route away from where the victim is located.


Gain Their Trust

Letting people live is a good way to make sure they’re side by side with you on vital in-game decisions. If you’ve helped them fix either Oxygen or Reactor (tasks for 2 people) then they’re more likely to consider you as trustworthy.


Prioritize Murdering The Safe People

There are certain tasks in the game that offer people animations to see. Anyone who has seen these tasks do so is safe. And if you end up being final 4 with 2 safe people. Odds stacked heavily against you. Always consider the person you are murdering. Make sure that anyone proven to be safe is a priority target for you to kill. But it can be hard to kill them since a good team stays close to the safe crewmates.


Final 3 Guarantee The Win

If you’re the only killer left and there are 2 crewmates at the start of the round, or if 2 killer and 4 crewmates are left. Then finishes the game.

What you need to do is at the start of the round activate either the reactor or oxygen emergency. As a result, the crewmates will not be able to call an emergency meeting due to the crisis. Letting you kill them once the cooldown of your kill expires.


Do The Tasks

There will be times when you need to justify what task you’ve been doing on Among us. If you’re standing where there’s no job or giving the wrong description of the task you were “doing” You’re going to be flushed out of the airlock more quickly than you can say “I’m not the impostor.”


Accuse Else If Seen

If anybody else watches you sell or kill anybody. That is then practically the end of your run. But if that happens, then. Try to get to the report first. And insist it is you who have actually seen them commit the act. At this point, this is a 50/50 People may side with you, and if they do that leaves you to kill somebody else before you find yourself guilty.


Employ Sabotage

Sabotage is great at breaking up the group. This enables you to take control of the game. For example, you kill somebody in navigation (middle-right), then you sabotage the reactor (right side), the last place any normal person would go back to navigation afterwards. Then you can go help with the sabotage and people will vouch that you’ve been there.


Kill in a Crowd

People have the mistaken idea that the best way to win the game is to sit in a community. But that can not be any further from the facts. That makes it really easy for the impostor when people are standing really close together. All he/she has to do is turn off the lights. Run into a crowd, and push the kill button. Anyone within that group of people may actually be the impostor. So run in, kill somebody and start pointing fingers at someone else. This only works when there are closely packed 4 or more people.


Destroy The Lights

Lights on sabotage map can be shut off

To disable the lights is favorite sabotage of mine. It makes the vision of peoples useless. You can kill someone in the dark and sprint for the nearest vent and people would not be able to tell who it was positive. Using the brain though. Don’t kill anyone the same spot you turned off the lights. Travel as far away as you can from that point, and find someone to vouch for your whereabouts.

Note that everyone’s perspective had been changed during the subsequent discussion. If you believe you’ve seen someone when the lights are out then this could be contested. You land in hot water. Remember the restrictions on crewmates!


Cooperate with the other impostor

If you both go to a room and 2 people run in, be mindful of what the other impostor is doing. You can lock the door quickly, kill double and escape through the vents.

But on the other hand, you run the risk of being found guilty of murdering each other if you play too close to the other murderer. And don’t vouch for the other murderer too hard. If you believe the odds are against him, be prepared to throw him under the bus. If you vouch and he’s guilty they’re going to turn up next to you.



Top 10 Crewmate Tips in Among Us

As a crewmate, you work with most of the others to achieve a shared objective of completing all the tasks (or destroying the impostors). You need to stay alert to the situation and take mental notes to help the team out.

When can I use Medbay, Guns, or Trash?

If you are a crewmate with access to the Medbay, trash, or weapons. Make sure that you use it when people come to see it! You are the element that determines between winning and losing. Don’t waste the opportunity to prove innocence. Often, don’t be afraid to call an emergency meeting when only one person has seen to get them to announce their innocence. Any crewmate will do exactly that. They are then a confirmed impostor if they don’t. If you don’t get them to vouch for it, they could die before it comes to light.



CCTV is like seeing one eye at a time everywhere. And a bad impostor wouldn’t even consider watching anyone on CCTV. But don’t just look to the CCTV for kills! Learn where each camera is placed, and see whoever goes between them.

If you see red heading into navigation, then all of a sudden he races down another corridor into the canteen. Navigation has 1 inlet. The only way he/she can do this is through ventilation.

Please note-do not hug the CCTV, be careful. You declare you’re in the Security Room and you’re going to be the Killer’s hot target. Keep alert.


Keep Order

This tip is particularly applicable when you play with randoms. People only want to suspect random colors, and hope that their guess is correct. Make sure someone believes someone. Firstly ask them why. If everybody is listening to the person pointing their fingers at everyone you won’t win. You need to take away those people’s legitimacy to stop getting drawn into the mob mentality.


Last 3: Time for Decision

So among you is 1 impostor. And somebody just found one body. But you are sitting with 2 other people in a group.

If you vote to skip it is game over at this stage. (Return to tip 4 of the section of the impostor) rationalize who is legitimate, who you doubt, and battle your case.

If you don’t know then you need to agree to place all eggs in one basket with the remaining survivors. It’s a different game if everyone votes for each other and if nobody votes their game over. The only way to commit is by commitment.


Ask the False Accusers to Explain Themselves

Example – Blue records a body claiming he saw this guy murder in red. Red gets thrown out of the ship but it turns out that they were innocent.

It is most likely red at this stage actually walked in on murdering someone in blue. So before you move on you need to get them to explain themselves. If they can’t justify why they’ve pressed for the execution so hard then they need to go.


Keep Healthy People Alive

For the crewmates, people who are healthy are the most significant people in the game. They are people you can track comfortably, do openly with activities of deception, and they are one fewer person you suspect may be lying while trying to find who the perpetrator is.

You must try to ensure these people’s survival as any successful impostor would emphasize them as a priority. In the final 4 case, you’ll be so glad you’ve got 2 people scanning in the Medbay.


Remember to Pay Attention

Hear what people have to say! People talk too much about themselves in trouble so people skip it because they’re thinking what they’re going to say about themselves in their own heads. I have also seen someone scanning in an early medbay game get ejected into space because the other survivors forget that someone had previously vouched for that person.

Even if you see someone running next to you. But make no mental note of who they were. Not only can this cause your story to sound false and you’re disqualified, but it can also mean you and the team lose out on a decent chance to catch the killer.


Don’t Just Head Off Alone

That one is also inevitable. I try to still remain within a fair spectrum of others. But Don’t stand on the toes of the people as well! (Look at tip 8, segment Impostor).


Bait The Killer

If you see someone on CCTV. Stand helpless in a ‘one-entrance’ space or hallway. Even if you see 2 people were standing together in a room. Run out for a good 5 seconds before you turn back on yourself and check if these two people are still alive. The odds are that the killer would have exploited the opportunity. Do not be afraid of death if you realize you get a strategic advantage by doing so.

Often try to tailback on yourself, as the murderer will act as you leave.


Don’t Easily Vouch for Someone Who Doesn’t Kill You

I hear it all the time people say it wasn’t anyone else, but together they raced down a hallway. You could be the friend they’re trying to make to secure a win or a switch between kills and it’s on cooldown. Trust just the people tested and checked!



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