Apex Legends Mobile confirms the release of Rhapsody in Ranked Season 2

Several leaks of the new legend in Apex Legends MobileRhapsody have been circulating online for the last few weeks. In a trailer recently launched on the official social handles of Apex Legends, the developers at Electronic Arts have confirmed the release of Rhapsody, the latest mobile-exclusive legend. Respawn announced the latest mobile-first legend, which is set to make her debut in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile. Rhapsody is a rhythm-loving DJ fighting in Apex Games with his cute but deadly AI robot named “Rowdy”. There will be new music and rhythm-themed special abilities.

Like other legends of the game, Rhapsody also has an interesting backstory of her own. According to the trailer, the corporate evils of Pythas Inc. are spreading nasty rumors about Rhapsody turning against her own home.

Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile: The lore of the rhythm-loving DJ

Rhapsody was born in Kómma, where the evil tech company Pythas Inc. controls everything. She has been fighting in the Apex Games in the nightlife district of Neon Dunes with her companion bot Rowdy. Rowdy is the creation of Rhapsody’s brilliant AI engineer mother, who used to work for Pythas Inc.

After her mother was fired from Pythias for getting to know the company’s nasty secrets, Rhapsody is now bound to fight in the Apex Games under their banner, to free her mother from the evil corporation.

The abilities of the new legend are yet to be revealed by the developers. However, in the trailer, we could see that Rhapsody, with the help of her bot, can create a hologram wall that can pass bullets through it. The trailer also showed us a unique finisher move of the cute companion Rowdy.

When will Rhapsody globally release in Apex Legends Mobile

The new legend Rhapsody will be coming into the game with the next Apex Legends Mobile season, Distortion, released on the 12th of July, 2022.

Including mobile-exclusive legends will surely give the mobile players a different experience over PC or console players. With more and more legends coming into the game, the players can dive deeper into the life and lore of the agents and the game.

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