Apex Legends Mobile Heat Wave event skins and how to obtain them

Apex Legends Mobile saw an explosive global launch last month and the developers have already introduced dozens of fresh and exciting new elements in the game. Compared to the gala of expensive skins in other popular battle royale games, Apex Legends Mobile is still a newbie. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that the latest skins in the game hit different for their cutting-edge appearances that perfectly blend with the game’s futuristic warfare theme. The latest lucky spin introduced in Apex Legends Mobile, the Heat Wave consists of some of the most lucrative skins in the game right now. Here’s how you can obtain them.

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How to get Apex Legends Mobile Heat Wave Skin

Unlike conventional lucky spins, Heat Wave features a pyramid rewards structure. From the bottom to the top, rewards are arranged based on their rarity. Once a reward is claimed, that item will get removed from the spin, increasing the chances of landing rare items in the pyramid as the price per spin increases.

Apex legends Mobile Heat Wave
Image via Electronic Arts

Players need to spend Syndicate Gold for each spin. The first spin costs 45 Syndicate Gold whereas the final one to complete the whole draw costs 2300 Syndicate Gold. Although the best skins feature exciting legendary skins with cool color combos, the pricing is a bit over the top. Then again, who wouldn’t love to get their hands on that gorgeous Danger Secured – Mastiff skin.

Apex legends Mobile Heat Wave Skin
Image via Electronic Arts

Apart from the Mastiff, the following are some of the best rewards from the Heat Wave Spin:

  1. Extinguisher Set – Lifeline 
  2. Controlled Burn – Wraith
  3. Emergency Protection – Alternator
  4. Fire Escape – Octane
  5. Harm’s Way – Mozambique

There are a lot more rare rewards in Apex legends Mobile heat wave spin than the ones mentioned above. Click on the banner located right above the season event section to access the Heat Wave spin.

Download Apex Legends Mobile on PC

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