Auto Chess Economy Guide

The Auto Chess Economy Guide article introduces the types of income sources and tips to spend and balance your spending in the game.

Auto Chess Economy Guide

How to Play Auto Chess Mobile


Upgrading your army – Auto Chess Economy Guide

You have a chess limit, so the best way to make your army stronger is to upgrade your heroes. Three lvl1 (one star) units combine into a lvl2 unit (two stars). Three lvl2 units combine into a lvl3 unit (three stars).

Higher-level units are more powerful and have greater benefits of occupying only one slot on the board. This means three lvl1 heroes count as 3 units towards your population limit, while 1 lvl2 hero counts as 1 unit.

Auto Chess Economy Guide: Warpwood Sage Png

Warpwood Sage

3 Gold, Elf, Druid

Stats with one/two/three stars:

HP: 650/1300/2300
Attack Damage: 75/150/300
Armor: 5/5/5
Attack Speed: 2/2/2

Auto Chess Economy Guide: Warpwood Sage Upgrades

Above: lvl1, lvl2, and lvl3 Warpwood Sage

Income – Auto Chess Economy Guide

There are a couple of income sources:

  • default gold you get each round;
  • 1 gold for winning a round;
  • up to 3 gold for a winning or losing streak;
  • 10% interest from residual gold (capped at 5 gold)

The best way to earn gold would be to be on a very long win streak while also saving up gold for purchases, of course, it is difficult to do so.

Interest – Auto Chess Economy Guide

In the early game interest is insignificant, but in the mid-late game, you might want to consider saving up some gold to increase your total income. It is a common strategy to try to get to 50 gold after you are lvl6-7 (in the mid-game), in order to prepare for the late rounds.

Selling – Auto Chess Economy Guide

lvl1 units are sold for full price, so buy pieces that you want to upgrade later on even if you do not use them to fight. You can always sell them off if they become useless because you change your strategy. You have 8 reserve slots for keeping units there that would help you upgrade your current fighting heroes.

Auto Chess Economy Guide: Auto Chess Mobile Shop

You can lock the shop (left side) if you want a unit in the shop but don’t have the money.

You can also refresh the shop (right side) to search for your desired units, but it is expensive. You may want to prevent yourself from refreshing it too many times in the early stages.

Fixed number of each hero available in a game: You are less likely to get those heroes in your shop if any players have lots of heroes. So you better quick look around the board and upgrade units your opponents don’t have. When an opponent dies, his units will be recycled back to the shop.

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