Auto Chess Position Guide

In this article, We will try to lay out the guide of Auto Chess positioning your army on the chess grid in order to gain an advantage.

Auto Chess Position Guide

Early Game Formations – Auto Chess Position Guide

You have two options depending on your unit composition.

Straight Line Formation:

Put your melee units close to the enemy if you have lots of them so that they will engage fast.

Having melee units on the second/third role is not a wise choice because they would take more time to engage and would have a lower impact. Thus, a single row is a common choice.

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Tight Corner Formation:

If you have ranged damage dealers (SF, Hunters, Mages, etc.) that you want to protect, put your units as far away from danger as possible. Be sure to put your tanky units in the outer layer, damage dealers go on the inside. 

Mid-Late Game Formations – Auto Chess Position Guide

In the mid-late game, you need to think beyond tanks and damage dealers, such as units using their AoE spells efficiently.

Avoiding AoE:

The “Tight Corner Formation” is exceptionally vulnerable to Kunkka ultimate, so you might want to splitting your army up a little. There are several ways to do this.

  • Keep your main army in one corner, but separate one or two units that can tank for a while so that they draw the attention of enemy units.
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  • Separate your army into two distinct groups. To do this you need at least two good damage dealers and two good tanks to put one in each group. You want both groups in good shape and not getting hit by the AoE to be able to deal damage and win the fight.
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Casting your spells first:

Getting important AoE abilities before your opponent could win you rounds by itself. Tidehunter, Disruptor, Kunkka, and Enigma are the usual suspects but the same applies to other units.

The key point here is that you want your unit to get the spell off as fast as possible, but you need to avoid getting it killed before it gets the spell off.

This means that you should consider how tanky the unit is. Very tanky units can easily go in front of everyone else. It would be very difficult for the enemy to kill them before they act.

For Level 1 units, you have two options:

  • Keep on the 2nd row, but close enough to your tanks so that they would take at least some ranged and AoE damage.
  • Keep on the 1st row, but stay close with other tanks. They will take some of the focus fire, but not all of it. This is ideal but a bit more risky option.


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